Nissan Targets Football Fans in New Campaign

Are you one of those people that frees your schedule for every Saturday and Sunday from September until February? That guy that is painted up even if you’re watching the game from your living room? Well Nissan’s new campaign is going to hit home for you then.

Nissan has gathered up as many former Heisman Trophy Winners they can find, and put them together in a house dubbed the “Heisman House”, and they even went as far as to get 2011 Heisman winner Robert Griffin III. Other big names that join Griffin are Archie Griffin, Herschel Walker, Matt Leinart, and even a guest appearance from Rudy star Sean Astin.

Together these Heisman winners don’t really have much to do with Nissan as a whole, but different Nissan models such as the Nissan Leaf, Nissan Altima, and the Nissan 370Z Roadster pop up in the videos. Check out all the videos below.

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