Nissan’s Paris Motor Show Plans

Nissan has some big plans for this upcoming Paris Motor Show. The Paris Motor Show begins Saturday September 29th and runs until October 14th. This year at the show Nissan has many new concepts and even a few production vehicles to introduce to the world. Here are a few of them.. we don’t want to ruin all the fun for everyone.

The Nissan TeRRA concept car- The Nissan TeRRA concept car is a four-seater vehicle that is completely powered by hydrogen fuel cells, offers all-wheel drive capabilities, and has a Zero Emissions standard. This new concept is one that Nissan is very excited about because it puts them even further ahead in the Zero Emissions category.

The Juke NISMO- The Juke NISMO will be the official launch of the NISMO road car program. Before all NISMO vehicles were made for the track, though you could purchase NISMO parts for your vehicle. The new Juke NISMO will be served with a heavily modified 1.6 Liter direct injection Turbocharged engine, and will also come with an aerodynamics package and revised chassis to give everyday drivers a whole new look at performance cars.

The Micra ELLE- The Micra ELLE is a stylish designed mini car, co-developed by none other than the world-famous fashion magazine, ELLE. The Micra ELLE will show off many sides of luxury and technology. The Micra ELLE also brings two new colors to the Micra range vehicle and will be available with two engine options: a 1.2 Liter three-cylinder engine, or a 1.2 Liter supercharged DIG-S engine.

Well these are only a small sampling of the things Nissan plans to bring to the Paris Motor Show this year, you’ll have to stay tuned to get the full count of Nissan’s Global debuts.

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