Paris Motor Show Spotlight: The Nissan Terra Concept


There has been a lot of talk and a lot of excitement over the Paris Motor Show that began yesterday. But one vehicle has taken the spotlight. The Nissan Terra Concept is the new zero emissions, off-road concept that runs on fuel cells. Similar to Nissan Xterra, the Nissan Terra is an SUV that built withstand the off-road experience.


The Terra Concept has a design style similar to that of the Nissan Juke, but has a taller more bold stance that lets you know that its ready for the dirt road. It is a fully electric engine running off fuel cells that power the four-wheel drive system that is mated to it. The engine system set is different though than any other EV we have seen so far. The Nissan Terra Concept is power by three separate engines, one engine to power the front wheels, a similar setup to that of the Nissan Leaf, and then to hydrogen engines to power the real wheels. Allowing you to conserve energy when the rear-wheel power is not needed on city roads.


Nissan chooses the hydrogen cells at a time when the fuel cells stacks are dropping in price, making this a real possibility as a production vehicle. The only real think holding Nissan back from a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle is the lack of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure like hydrogen fuel stations. Which is currently one of the issues with electric vehicles

Check out this video of the new Nissan Terra Concept. Who knows it may not be long before these hit the streets and gas prices no longer matter.

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