The Nissan Juke-R: A Power Juke

It was long ago confirmed that the Nissan Juke-R, a performance ridden version of the Juke crossover would begin production. Since then little has been said about the super SUV until now. Nissan has given a sneak peak of the Juke that got its inspiration from the Nissan GT-R supercar. That being said the first of only a handful of the Nissan Juke-R that are being made is ready for delivery to someone with much more money than the average American.

The production version of the Juke-R is much more powerful than the concept that was on display earlier in the year; being given the very same 3.8 Liter twin-turbocharged V6 given to the 2013 Nissan GT-R, the Nissan Juke-R is rated at 545 horsepower. That is substantially more than the 480 horsepower that the Juke-R concept had. Equipped with this souped up engine the Nissan Juke-R has a top speed of an astounding 170 MPH and can reach 0-60 MPH in under three seconds. This is not your typical SUV.

Nissan shortly announced the pricing of the Juke-R, and it falls roughly around $521,000. Though the Nissan Juke-R will be made in Europe, if you have that kind of money, getting it shipped to the U.S is the least of your worries. For the rest of who clearly can’t purchase one of these, the Juke-R will be featured in a new game for mobile phones, and likely others, called Asphalt 7: Heat, which will be available on iPhone and Android. Check out the videos below to check out the super-SUV and let your jaw drop.

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