New 2014 Nissan GT-R trim set to target Women and Older Buyers

For 2014 Nissan has planned to release the Nissan GT-R with a few new updates. These updates will include improved performance and for the first time will be getting a new “Amber Red” trim level that will be targeted towards “Women, and slightly older buyers” according to brand chief Kazutoshi Mizuno.

The new trim level is designed to be more fashionable in the attempt to attract a different buy than the car currently receives. Though right now sales are doing well. The 2013 model GT-R already has so many pre-orders that Mizuno has had to ask that the Tochigi plant where the GT-R is built increase production capacity in order to meet the demand.

Along with the new trim level, the 2014 GT-R will receive improved performance, interior quality improvements, as well as a set of safety upgrades.

Check out a video of the new GT-R and Mizuno below.

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