Nissan DRIFT Game

As a readers warning, do not try this at home. But recently Drift Alliance racers Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg decided to challenge each other in a typical mans fashion to a little game of horse. But this time they were spelling “DRIFT”. The challenges were simple. One runs through a challenge, if one did better than the other the the loser got a letter spelling DRIFT until the entire word was spelled. Both drivers, sporting Nissan 240SX drift cars took on challenges such as “the barrel touch”, where you would drift and only allow the rear of the 240SX to touch a barrel, and the one the touched it with the least amount of car wins. The there is the liquid challenge, where each driver had a liquid in a container and had to complete a drift course while holding the container, the one with the most liquid at the end wins.

Through these comical and entertaining challenges only won can become the victor of the “DRIFT” games, but with both sporting the 240SX it would seem it would be even across the board. Guess you’ll have to watch the video below to find out.

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