Nissan Previews its All-New Interactive Exhibit

Nissan previews its all-new interactive exhibit for the 2013 North American International Auto Show, NAIAS. There will be new sights, sounds and scents that will greet visitors.

At the NAIAS, Nissan plans to debut its new global auto show stand design that features multi-level flooring for vehicle displays, an amphitheater-style stage and soaring architectural elements. The space is highly interactive and includes intuitive and sensory marketing to provide visitors Nissan’s brand position of “Innovation that Excites”.

The new exhibit is a 150 ft. long/45 sq. ft. wide halo that appears to float over the dual-turntable stage. An interactive “Innovation Wall” communicates Nissan’s brand story to visitors through Xbox Kinect™.  Nissan is not only interacting with their visitors through sight and sounds, they are also incorporating things to stimulate the senses of touch and smell.  A unique, distinctive fragrance will be released periodically throughout the display area. The mood-setting music will change slightly with a different vibe as the day progresses from morning to mid-day to evening.

The Innovation Wall has six interactive screens incorporated into a graphic band that fills up the entire band that takes up the back wall. These screens were designed to give visitors a more hands-on view of the brand.

The new Nissan interactive exhibit is making appearances at not only the NAIAS but at ten other global auto shows throughout 2013.

Below is a picture of what the exhibit will look like at the 2013 Automotive Shows Nissan will be attending.

2013 Nissan Auto Show Display

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