Nissan Resonance Concept is a Glimpse of the Future Murano

The Nissan Resonance Concept debuted at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, giving a glimpse at the company’s future design direction for crossovers. The concept heralds what the next-generation Murano may look like once it comes out.

Nissan has already confirmed the successor to the big crossover’s throne will be produced in Mississippi for the first time. The Resonance has a “floating” roof and dynamic head lamp arrays. It has a more athletic appearance than the current generation. Inside, the designers came up with a cockpit aimed to convey what “the future of first-class space travel might be”.

Nissan has not said what will be under the hood of the upcoming Murano, but the Resonance boasts an all-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain with a small displacement internal combustion engine and an electric motor.

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Nissan Resonance Concept Car

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