Nissan Recognized by EPA with Energy Star sustained Excellence Award

Nissan has always been a leader in energy performance and remains there with three new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR accolades on the shelf. This includes the 2013 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award, which is the highest honor given to select organizations that are dedicated to protecting the environment through energy efficiency.

Bill Kruegar, Nissan’s senior vice president of manufacturing, purchasing, production, engineering, and supply chain management, said “Since becoming an ENERGY STAR partner in 2006, we have saved more than 800 billion British thermal units (BTUs) of the energy used to assemble vehicles. That’s enough energy to power the all-electric Nissan LEAF for more than 750 million miles”.

Nissan has always been environmentally friendly, especially since becoming an ENERGY STAR partner back in 2006. The Nissan LEAF is the number one selling EV in the world. I mean who wouldn’t want to help the environment and in what better way than in a stylish EV like the LEAF?

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