2015 Nissan GT-R Rumors!

An inside source revealed that the 2015 Nissan GT-R will have more gears than normal. The Japanese sportscar will now feature a 7-Speed dual clutch transmission by the end of the year. The new 7-Speed will replace the current 6-Speed dual clutch unit. This change is supposed to be featured in the 2015 Nissan GT-R.

This increase in gears is appearing to be a trend. Land Rover introduced its ZF 9-Speed transmission in the Range Rover Evoque recently.  This was a big increase from the 6-speed transmission that it used to house. Chrysler also plans to introduce the first ever 9-speed automatic transmission to the US market in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee is set to debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

The GT-R currently has a 100km/h time of 2.8 seconds, and with this new transmission it will do the same in just 2.7 seconds.  Nissan is aiming for the fastest lap at the Nürburgring, they are poised for a 7 minute 15 seconds lap time. This would be 3 seconds faster than its current best.

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