Nissan’s NISMO Line is Expanding!

Nissan held a special NISMO event for the media at the Nashville Superspeedway. This was an event to allow the media to see what is new at Nissan and what they plan on doing next.

At the event were the 2013 and 2014 Nissan 370Z NISMO, the JUKE-R, the 2013 Nissan JUKE NISMO, and the 2014 GT-R Track Edition. These are all part of the performance line. They all sport uniform, race-inspired exterior and interior styling.

Carl Phillips, chief marketing manager, NISMO and Nissan sports car marketing – Nissan North America, said “We think the track is a perfect place to showcase NISMO because NISMO is Nissan Motorsports. It’s the racing, the motor sports heritage that has inspired cars like the new JUKE NISMO, and it’s about bringing that excitement from the track to the street”.

The Juke NISMO is the first to go on sale in Europe and Japan but it will launch here in the United States soon. The 370Z NISMO is in its second generation in the United States, but the 2014 370Z NISMO will be on sale this summer and is a revised model.

Nissan is now promising a more rapid pace of the introduction of more NISMO models.

The video below shows the highlights from the media event and the NISMO models racing around the track!

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