Nissan Takes Home Top Award at CEATEC Japan 2013

Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technology won the Grand Prix in the CEATEC Innovation Awards, which is the top prize. It was awarded by a panel of independent US journalists who work in the fields of IT and consumer electronics.

The award honors the best among technologies, products and services that were exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2013. The journalists are considered a jury and they assess the exhibits at the CEATEC in a variety of categories. These categories consist of their potential impact on the U.S. market, meeting new consumer needs, innovation, functionality, and if the product, service or technology exhibited offers a unique solution to new needs. This is Nissan’s fist time winning the award and it is the first time for an automaker to receive this accolade.

The Autonomous Drive also won the Smart Mobility, from the Special Award category.

The Grand Prix award was given the following comment from the panel: “Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technology will greatly benefit future society by reducing traffic accidents and fatalities, preventing traffic congestion and contributing to a reduction in environmental issues through improved fuel economy.”

Not sure what all the hype’s about? Watch the video below to get to know Nissan’s Autonomous Drive!

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