Breathe Deep. Smell That? It’s the Future.

Nissan is currently sending LEAF-shaped air fresheners to select electric vehicle enthusiasts as well as Nissan LEAF owners and Nissan employees in Europe as a token of their appreciation. The air fresheners are a very symbolic thank you to these individuals for helping bring the dream of a zero-emissions world to reality. The fresheners offer people a sniff of the future, literally, as they are perfumed with Nissan’s new “future scent.”

The “Scent of the Future” was commissioned to Dr. George Dodd, Master Perfumer and Aroma Academy Scientist, by Nissan in Europe. Dodd’s finished scent contains notes of “cut green grass, myrtle oil, natural orange” and even something called the “‘light as air’ molecule.” The scent seeks to awake nostalgia in those who smell it, nostalgia, oddly yet fittingly enough, for a future upon which we are still waiting to blossom.

The scent is Nissan’s latest way to show their extreme commitment to turning a zero-emissions planet from a distant daydream into a warm and authentic reality. The air fresheners give us a tiny tease of how wonderful such a world would be, and encourage us at Lewis Nissan to work harder than ever to do our part for that future.

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