Nissan Delivers Versa Note in Giant Amazon Box

2014 Nissan Versa NoteDon’t you love it when you come home to find an Amazon box sitting on your doorstep? Sometimes, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages, but often, bigger is better and recently Nissan delivered the biggest Amazon package ever!

For one lucky customer in Madison, Wisconsin, they received their new Nissan Versa Note delivered via Amazon box. Nissan had plans to do a video and press release later this month, but unfortunately for Nissan, one Reddit user spilled the beans on what was going to be a big surprise later this month. The recipient of the package, however, did know it was coming.

So, how did this happen, you might be wondering. Well, late last year, Amazon was selling the Nissan Versa Note online. When customers placed their orders, they would then be connected with their local Nissan dealer. The first 100 people to order got $1,000 Amazon gift cards. Then, Nissan chose one of those customers to receive their new car in an Amazon box.

Nissan will be revealing more details about the winner later this month when it releases its planned video.

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