Black Ice Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter When Driving

One of winter’s most hazardous road conditions is also the most difficult to see, making it particularly sinister: black ice, or the thin layer of ice that forms at the beginning of snowfall or freezing rain.

Black Ice Safety Tips - Lewis Nissan

Photo by: Simon A. Eugster

Here are some black ice safety tips to remember:

  • Remember that black ice forms before snow even begins to pile up, so as soon as you notice that it has begun to rain or snow, slow down.
  • Increase the distance between your vehicle and the other vehicles around you. You’ll be glad you did if someone slams on their brakes.
  • Never make a sharp turn or a sudden stop, which will likely cause you to lose control.
  • If you do find yourself sliding, steer towards the direction that you are sliding in, and don’t hit the brake. This is the best way to get control of your car.
  • Lastly, do some extra preparation before leaving the house and research the forecast. If it says freezing rain is on the way, you may want to skip your trip!

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