Nissan Leaf will attempt to take world speed record. . . in reverse.

At the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed at the Goodwood House, West Sussex, England, Nissan will take a chance at the reverse world speed record, in not the GT-R, not the Altima, but the Nissan Leaf.

Because Electric Vehicles like the Leaf power their wheels directly from their electric motors, therefore, in theory the EVs should be able to move just as fast in reverse as they do moving forward. To test the idea, Nissan is bringing the Leaf to Goodwood where its stunt driver Terry Grant (who drove the Nissan Juke on two wheels up the hill at Goodwood last year) will attempt to drive the entire course backwards.

The Goodwood circuit is known for its considerable amount of twists, turns, peaks, and dips and will pose a great deal of danger to the one mile distance that the record will travel. ┬áSo much that this is not Nissan’s first time considering the idea. Last year the idea was scrapped after deeming it too risky, but this year Terry Grant and the Nissan Leaf will go through with the Guinness World Record breaking attempt.


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