The Nissan Z Story Continued..

Welcome back to the history of the Nissan Z family of vehicles. If you happened to miss the beginning of the history just click here and you can begin at the beginning. Now, lets take our flash back to the past.

At the end of 1978, Nissan released the second generation of the Z cars. This was tagged as the 280ZX. This was a completely revamped vehicle compared to the past Z models. The only thing that was left over from earlier models was the 5-speed manual transmission and the 2.8-liter inline 6 engine. The new 280ZX was overhauled to meet consumer demands. Some of the major changes include t-tops, introduced in 1980, and a turbocharged model introduced in 1981. The new turbocharged model was now capable of 180 HP and 203 Lb-Ft or torque compared to the original 135 HP and 144 Lb-Ft of Torque. The 280ZX was extremely popular even early on as it received Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year for the year of 1979 and set Z-car sales records of 86,007 units in its first year.

Then in 1984 the Z-car was once again redesigned for its third generation, and hence came the 300ZX. This 300ZX also brought a power packed 3.0-Liter V6 engine dubbed the VG series. The 300ZX V6 was available in both NA and Turbocharged versions, producing 160 HP (NA) and 200 HP. This also became a wildly popular vehicle and becoming the second best selling Z-car in history selling over 70,000 units. Over the entirety of the production till 1989 the 300ZX was constantly being reworked and improved. Some of these improvements include water-cooled turbocharger, body color bumpers, and many “smoked” parts.

In the fourth generation we will get to the revamped 300ZX, with more style and more power as well as a Z concept car that never quite made it out. Stay tuned next time for all that and more of the Nissan Z Story.


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