Tips for Taking Road Trips with Pets

Road Trips with PetsTaking road trips with pets can be stressful, especially if you’re planning on staying in hotels and stopping for meals regularly. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to offer up some pet-friendly road trip tips.

First, prepare for the road trip in advance. If you’re bringing a dog or cat along with you, make sure you have a safe carrier that you can buckle in with a seatbelt. Experts suggest getting your dog used to the carrier and riding in the car in the weeks leading up by taking them on car rides around town.

Bring toys for dogs to chew on during the ride, and plan to stop every few hours so they can go to the bathroom and get a little exercise. Try not to leave your pet alone in the car in anything but mild weather, crack the window so they can get air, and don’t stay away for too long.

Finally, find hotels or other accommodations that allow pets. Websites like have helpful road trip planners so you don’t have to search too hard!

Gas Pump Safety Tips

Gas Pump Safety - Gas PumpWhile filling up your gas tank is usually a mundane task – and one you’ve probably been doing since you first started driving – there are a few things you should know to ensure a safe an incident-free fill-up every time. Here at Lewis Nissan, we’ve come up with five gas pump safety tips you should make habit.

Shut her down. Make sure you always shut your car down before refueling. Opening your gas cap will signal to your car that there is a leak in your fuel system, which will engage your check engine light. Leaving the engine running is terrible for your car, and can also be dangerous.

Stay off the phone (and other electronics). Fuel is a dangerous and combustible fluid, making it imperative that you pay attention to everything happening around you at the pump. Directing your attention to your phone both makes you less aware of your surroundings, and can prove to be dangerous.

Avoid fire. This may sound obvious, but it’s well-worth mentioning. Avoid smoking, lighting matches, or anything else that could ignite the fuel.

Don’t walk away. Never leave your vehicle while you are refueling. Although pumps are engineered to automatically shut down when the tank is full, it’s impossible to know for sure that it won’t malfunction, leaving gallons of flammable liquid on the ground.

Only used approved containers. When filling a container with gasoline, be sure it’s an approved container. Only fill the container when it’s placed on the ground, and keep the nozzle inside the container until it’s about 95 percent full, leaving room for expansion.

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