Nissan Donates $1 Million and 10 Vehicles to Habitat for Humanity

Nissan NV Van - Habitat for HumanityNissan marked 10 years of partnership with Habitat for Humanity with a $1 million grant to help build sustainable and affordable homes for families in need of housing. The automaker also donated 10 vehicles—including NV commercial vehicles and Frontier trucks—to support the organization’s disaster response efforts.

Nissan has been allied with Habitat ever since it donated 50 trucks and mobilized employees to assist in building new homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In the time since, the automaker donated an additional 78 vehicles and more than $13 million while Nissan employees—including some of us at Lewis Nissan—have logged more than 70,000 volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity.

“The generous donation from Nissan and the volunteers who continue to work alongside those in need of decent housing makes such a difference in the lives of families and communities,” said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International. “We are so appreciative of Nissan’s efforts to help build homes, communities and hope.”

More “Tough Love” BobbleBret and Bret Michaels Nissan Ad Returns

Nissan NV3500 - Bret Michaels Nissan adLast year, the Bret Michaels Nissan Ad Campaign entitled “Tough Love” featured the rocker satirically singing the Lionel Richie/Diana Ross duet “Endless Love” while longingly adoring Nissan’s fleet of commercial vans undergoing durability testing went viral – and this year, Bret and his little pal BobbleBret, a bobble head version of the Poison crooner in the original ad, are back in a new “Tough Love” campaign.

“I have a bit of a self-deprecating sense of humor, so it was great to shoot a ‘tongue in cheek’ video and have fun with the idea of a power ballad written for a bunch of commercial vehicles…Nissan just felt right. They wanted to have fun and I did too, and it just really worked.” Michaels told the New York Daily News.

In the new sets of “Tough Love” segments, Michaels, who is the proud owner of a Nissan Titan truck, and BobbleBret can be seen getting coffee – decaf for BobbleBret, and admiring hoola-girl-dash-ornaments all while highlighting the Nissan commercial fleet.

So, if you are in the market for the limited edition BobbleBret doll or his newest album True Grit, you can pre-order them here, otherwise, if you are in the market for the most rugged and durable fleet of cars, trucks, and SUVs, look no further than Lewis Nissan.

Nissan Promises Customers America’s Best Commercial Vehicle Warranty

Nissan Commercial VehicleWhen Nissan entered the commercial vehicle industry, they didn’t just enter to play the game; they entered to win among competitors. As a result, the automaker recently announced good news for commercial vehicle owners: Nissan now offers America’s best commercial van warranty, beginning with 2014 models.

Bumper-to-bumper limited warranty coverage was increased from three years and 36,000 miles to five years and 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Talk about improved coverage!

The powertrain limited warranty was lengthened to five years and 100,000 miles as well.

“As Nissan Commercial Vehicles have established a reputation for ruggedness and durability in the field, we’re gaining sales traction and customer acceptance of our work vehicles,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president of Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations. “We’re in the commercial vehicle game for the long haul, and this warranty will further help our customers to have greater confidence in their vehicles.”

The warranty applies specifically to Nissan’s 2014 NV Cargo Van, NV Passenger Van, and NV200 Compact Cargo. For those who already own one of these eligible commercial vehicles, the warranty is applied retroactively.

For more good news on Nissan’s commercial fleet and their guaranteed coverage, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Lewis Nissan.