The Nissan Z Concept Gets Grand Reveal in Tokyo

Nissan 370Z

Set to replace the Nissan 370Z, speculation on the Nissan Z concept shows a promising future

Nissan reportedly has big plans for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show – including the debut of the brand new Nissan Z Concept model, which aims to ultimately replace the extremely popular Nissan 370Z sometime in the future.

The Nissan Z is said to be available with three different powertrain options, a 3.0-liter V6 engine that gets 300 horsepower, a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that gets 400 horsepower, and a hybrid combination, adding an electric motor to the 400-horsepower engine.

Though the Nissan Z that will be on display is said to be just a concept, rumor has it that a production model will follow its reveal in the next few years. It’s safe to assume that the production version of the Nissan Z will be quite similar to the concept that will be on display in Tokyo.

If you’re interested in checking out the Nissan Z concept in person, the time for booking plane tickets is now.

We don’t know much else about the Nissan Z today, but of course, we will be keeping you up to date in the future. To learn more about what Nissan has in stock currently or to take a Nissan model out on a test drive, contact us any time at Lewis Nissan.

Nissan Micromobility Vehicles Debut at New York Auto Show

At the 2016 New York Auto International Show in late March, Nissan debuted its new micromobility concepts, a group of four small cars called Nissan New Mobility Concepts, which it used in a series of events at the show.

Nissan micromobility vehiclesThe Nissan micromobility vehicles are part of Nissan’s theme for the year: emphasizing the importance of micro vehicles to the future of transportation, especially in urban environments. The NNMCs are all-electric vehicles ranging from the size of small motorcycles to two-seater cars and are very small and lightweight, easily maintaining a charge while being driven around cities. They have a max speed of 25 mph, perfect for inner-city driving.

The NNMCs aren’t necessarily meant to be owned; in 2014, Nissan teamed up with the West Coast-based company Scoot, which provides electric vehicles for temporary use at $2 per half hour, and Nissan donated some NNMCs for this. Nissan says the NNMCs are useful for “last mile” transportation, as in getting someone to their destination after using public transport to go a certain distance.

Revealed: Nissan Sway Concept

We’ve been hearing about a new Nissan model for a while now and its official debut has finally arrived! The new Nissan Sway concept was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and it was certainly one to remember.

Nissan Sway ConceptNissan kept rather quiet about Sway concept until rumors surrounding the actual reveal started swirling. To keep everyone on their toes, Nissan revealed a teaser clip in which it officially announced the date the Sway would debut, and boy oh boy was it worth all the drama.

The Sway, a subcompact hatchback, displays the latest and greatest of Nissan’s design team. It features the make’s trademark V-motion grille, updated headlamps, large glass roof, and twin tailpipes. Its paint was a bright blue/gray with orange accents surrounding the new roof design. The decorated interior was simple and elegant, and incorporated designs inspired by industrial architecture.

Although the Sway is primarily meant for the European market, hopes of it coming Stateside are high. If it indeed does arrive in the US, a sedan model could follow behind it.

Tell us what you think of the new Nissan Sway concept and if you think it should see production here in the US!

Nissan Unveils “Trendsetting” Lannia Concept at Beijing

Nissan showed off the new Lannia Concept at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show last weekend, a car designed to create new trends and appeal to the Chinese “post-80s” generation.

It’s not easy to describe, so that’s already one checked box in the trendsetting section. It looks somewhat like a fastback from behind, except for the small rear deck and the overall sedan-like appearance. What we can say with certainty is that it is one eye-catching piece of design.

According to Andy Palmer, Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer, the Lannia Concept was “designed by Chinese, built by Chinese for the Chinese people, and ultimately, for the world.”

More specifically, it was designed with the “post-80s” trendsetters in mind, which we imagine means the fashionable portion of China’s population that was born after the 1980s.

There’s no details yet as to what to expect from the engine, transmission, or interior, but as Palmer stated, we do at least know that it’ll eventually make its way to the United States. We hope it won’t be too long before it finally arrives at Lewis Nissan!

Nissan Sport Sedan Wins Best Concept at NAIAS From Autoweek

When Nissan unveiled their Sport Sedan Concept at the 2014 North American International Auto Show, it took our breaths away with a distinctive design (including the flow-over continuation of Nissan’s V-Motion grille theme and unique boomerang headlight design), a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can roar like a fearsome beast (more than 300 horsepower, to be precise), and an impossible-to-miss “Strad Amber” paint scheme.  Now, Autoweek Magazine has recognized the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept as the “Best Concept” at NAIAS, giving it the edge over the Kia Stinger and Toyota FT-1.

“The name basically tells you what it is,” starts Autoweek’s Wes Reynal.  “Nissan officials confirmed the Sports Sedan Concept is the basis for a new Maxima due in 2016. The hot-looking sedan also gives a clear look at Nissan’s design themes for the next several years, including the flow-over ‘V-Motion’ grille, boomerang light clusters and sharply creased character lines across the flanks. All are intended, Nissan says, to ‘put some emotion into the side view.’”

Autoweek chooses annual winners in the Best in Show, Most Significant, Most Fun, and Best Concept categories on the heels of the major presentations at the Detroit Auto Show.  Given the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept’s win in the Best Concept field, it’s likely that the intention to instill emotion into the side profile was a success for the automaker and its designers.

While there is not much likelihood that a production version of the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept will move forward, the prospect of it heavily influencing an upcoming Maxima is like music to our ears.  (Speaking of music to our ears: the “Strad Amber” color was inspired by violins and created by applying an orange coat of paint over a golden base; now you know.)

As more details of the upcoming Maxima emerge, we here at Lewis Nissan will keep you in the know.  Until then, we are more than happy to bask in the success of the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept and its Best Concept award victory.

Nissan Sport Sedan Concept Headed to Detroit

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is just a couple weeks away. The show is always exciting with new models and concepts revealed. One of the concepts we’re most looking forward to is the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept.

Nissan recently teased a picture of the concept and from what we can see it is definitely a bold, new design. Nissan says it “offers an advanced look at a future production sports sedan” and “previews a new energetic design direction that amplifies Nissan’s legendary approach of applying sports car principles to a sedan.” thinks the concept may be the same car that Nissan shared at the Nissan 360 event this past summer. The images do look remarkably similar.

The Sports Sedan Concept will be joined by the IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO concepts that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on Detroit to see what Nissan unveils.