Nissan Drops the Cube, Promises to Still Be Quirky

2013 Nissan CubeMany car buyers search for something a little different in their vehicles, like a standout color or unique shape. For these shoppers, the Nissan Cube and CrossCabriolet were two options that could fill that need.

In a recent announcement, however, Nissan drops the Cube and the CrossCabriolet from its 2015 lineup. These were two of Nissan’s most unique designs; but, don’t worry, Nissan has promised it will still be quirky.

 In speaking with Automotive News, Nissan’s chief planning officer, Andy Palmer, said, “To be clear, we will morph this space in our portfolio into something iconic. The space is held to make sure we have something iconic.”

As to what will fill the space, Nissan hasn’t said, but as Automotive News points out, there have been plenty of Nissan concepts that would be a welcome addition, for example, the wedge-shaped BladeGlider or the IDx. And, hey, there’s always the slightly bug-eyed Nissan JUKE.

Which quirky Nissan design is your favorite?