Production of e-NV200, Nissan’s 2nd 100% EV, Opens in Barcelona

Nissan is hard at work to expand their portfolio of electric vehicles, with a special focus on adding EVs that are 100% gasoline free. The brand has hit a new milestone in that journey now, as production of the e-NV200, Nissan’s all-electric van and second all-electric vehicle overall, has begun at Nissan’s Barcelona Plant. The brand poured 100 million euros into the plant to fuel production of the e-NV200, which will first hit about 20 markets before widening distribution in the future.

2014 Nissan e-NV200“This is a great landmark day for Nissan, starting production of our second electric vehicle,” Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer of Nissan, said at a celebratory ceremony on site in Barcelona. “This is at a time when EVs are now recognized as mainstream technology. Many competitors are only just starting to launch their first EV—where Nissan has clear first mover advantage [with the Nissan LEAF].”

The e-NV200 shares much of its drivetrain technology with the Nissan LEAF, which is already the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. We’ll have to wait a while to see the e-NV200 make it over to Lewis Nissan, but it will soon go on sale both as a passenger vehicle and commercial van in European markets and Japan.