Nissan Legends: Inside the History of Nissan

The history of Nissan begins with its people, who have established a culture of influencing customers emotionally and moving people for more than 80 years. Nissan hopes that its employees will continue to be among these “Moving People,” whose efforts and innovations have helped shaped the automaker into what it is today.

Inside the History of Nissan - Lewis NissanIn the past 80 years, Nissan and its people have seen countless difficulties and huge successes. In an effort to honor some of Nissan’s most influential employees and leaders, the automaker is featuring past and present employees who embody the Nissan spirit in an upcoming editorial.

According to a recent Nissan news release, “Writers of Japan’s leading car magazine Car Graphic, which marked its 50th anniversary last year, will go beyond a mere biography and shed light on the roots of Nissan based on their extensive insight into the auto industry.”

In the news release, Nissan highlights ten “Nissan legends,” people who have made significant contributions, and tells each of their stories. For your convenience, we’ve also included them here. Go ahead, join us at Lewis Nissan and brush up on a little bit of fascinating history!

Nissan Legend 1
Yoshisuke Aikawa: A Modern Man with Insight

Nissan Legend 2
Yutaka Katayama: A Determined Visionary

Nissan Legend 3:
Hiroyoshi Kato: The Man Who Found His Calling

Nissan Legend 4
Shin’ichiro Sakurai: The Real Face of Mr. Skyline

Nissan Legend 5
Tadao Takahashi: Giving Life to the Factory

Nissan Legend 6
Kyoko Shimada: Hailed as a “Pioneer”

Nissan Legend 7
Sir Ian Gibson: An Englishman Who Served as a Bridge Between Japan and Europe

Nissan Legend 8
Hideaki Horie: Electric Vehicles Will Accelerate the Networking of Energy

Nissan Legend 9
Shozo Sato: Design Illustrates Culture

Nissan Legend 10
Yoshikazu Hanawa: Towards Today’s Global Nissan

The Nissan Skyline- A Supercar Story

One of the most sought after vehicles in the Nissan lineup is the Nissan Skyline, also known in the United States at the Nissan GT-R, but this car is one of the few Nissan supercars and for a long time was only available outside of America. Car enthusiasts everywhere searched for these vehicles on the chance that there may be one on U.S. soil because to ship one here from Japan could cost upwards of $250,000. Well here we will delve into the origins of this niche loved car and run through the history of how the now Nissan GT-R supercar came to be.

The Nissan Skyline was originally produced by a company called the Prince Motor Company beginning in 1955 and was marketed as a coupe luxury car; though it also was available as a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon. The ALSID-1 as it was called featured a 1.5 L engine capable of producing 60 HP and had a max speed of 87 mph. From here the “Prince” Skyline was altered and added a quad headlight front end and was given a slight power boost. Shortly after the first sport version was built this time carrying a 1.9 L engine producing 96 HP.

In 1961 Prince launched the S50 series which again came in sedan and wagon styles but this time they redesign allowed for the car to become one of the most desirable vehicles in Japan at the time. Now powered by a 70 HP engine, or option of 91 HP engine the car had made strides in transmission technology allowing for a 3-speed of 3 speed transmission to be mated to either engine. The appearance of this vehicle was similar to that of the 1960 Ford Galaxie.

Well even though we have barely grazed the history of the Nissan Skyline, we end it here today. But join us next time as we delve further into the history of the Nissan Skyline, the supercar.