Best Nissan Models for College Graduates

Has your son or daughter recently graduated from college? Or are you a college graduate yourself looking for the perfect vehicle? We have pored over the Nissan lineup and selected the three best Nissan models for college graduates…

Nissan Altima

2016 Nissan Altima - Best Nissan models for college graduates

For those who like a lot of style, the 2016 Nissan Altima is a great choice. But not only does it look good, the Altima delivers the kind of fuel economy you need as you’re just starting out in life. Highway fuel economy comes in at 39 mpg. Cool features like Advanced Drive-Assist Display and Bluetooth Hands-free only sweeten an already sweet deal.

Nissan Sentra

2016 Nissan Sentra - Best Nissan models for college graduates

The compact design of the 2016 Nissan Sentra could be very convenient for someone starting their life in the city. The Sentra is not only easy to maneuver but the city fuel economy is a very rewarding 30 mpg. Top-notch features like an 8-speaker Bose audio system and Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control are available to help you take your driving experience to the next level.

Nissan Rogue

2016 Nissan Rogue - Best Nissan models for college graduates

The 2016 Nissan Rogue might be appropriate for those graduates who might also be looking to start a family. That’s because there is plenty of room inside this compact SUV. With the Family Package, the Rogue features 126.5 cubic feet of interior space. The compact design still helps to deliver competitive fuel economy. And at an incredibly competitive price, the Rogue remains a fantastic choice for recent grads.

CEO Says Self-Driving Nissan Models Will Definitely be Available by 2020

self-driving NissanWhile most major automakers have some sort of plan in place to eventually get autonomous, self-driving vehicles on the road, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn isn’t worried that he will be beat.

In a new interview, Ghosn expressed his firm belief that not only will commercial autonomous vehicles his the road for the average driver by 2020, but most people can expect to slowly see autonomous features phased into their new cars.

His statement, “by 2020, we’ll have fully autonomous driving cars,” comes during a time when self-parking cars, self-braking cars, and cars equipped with 360-degree cameras are starting to be come the norm with each new year’s line-up.

In fact, the automaker recently debuted a self-driving Nissan LEAF prototype. While it’s not about to appear on dealership lots anytime soon, it shows you just how close Nissan is to this promised tech.

In the meantime, we’ll have to continue to drive the old-fashioned way. To check out some of Nissan’s many innovative current models, visit us anytime at Lewis Nissan.

Nissan Donates $1 Million and 10 Vehicles to Habitat for Humanity

Nissan NV Van - Habitat for HumanityNissan marked 10 years of partnership with Habitat for Humanity with a $1 million grant to help build sustainable and affordable homes for families in need of housing. The automaker also donated 10 vehicles—including NV commercial vehicles and Frontier trucks—to support the organization’s disaster response efforts.

Nissan has been allied with Habitat ever since it donated 50 trucks and mobilized employees to assist in building new homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In the time since, the automaker donated an additional 78 vehicles and more than $13 million while Nissan employees—including some of us at Lewis Nissan—have logged more than 70,000 volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity.

“The generous donation from Nissan and the volunteers who continue to work alongside those in need of decent housing makes such a difference in the lives of families and communities,” said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International. “We are so appreciative of Nissan’s efforts to help build homes, communities and hope.”

2015 Nissan Summer Camp Gives High School Students Hands-On Learning Experience

Did you know that Nissan is not only dedicated to making top-quality vehicles, but is also committed to investing in future scientists and engineers with its 2015 Summer Enrichment Program?

Nissan Summer CampRecently, the automotive company’s Smyrna production plant sponsored a Nissan Summer camp for 52 Junior and Senior high school students. The experience, held over the course of four Saturdays, focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as it relates to the automotive industry and production. Students were able to see first-hand how Nissan engineers utilize the knowledge from these fields to problem solve at the plant.

“The objective is to give these students the interest and preparation needed to succeed in a university-level science or engineering curriculum,” said Justin Saia, corporate spokesman for Nissan North America.

The enrichment program concluded with student project presentations in which groups were asked to solve a problem. The prompts ranged from finding a new route for supply trucks, improving the front-end assembly process, averting risks at the plant, and reducing the time it takes to thread a nut.

We at Lewis Nissan are thrilled that Nissan is investing in the future of our students and wish all participants of the 2015 Summer Enrichment Program success in the STEM field!

Smokin’ Along the Apex – The Nissan 1000bhp GT-R Drift Car

Get your driving gloves ready – the Nissan 1000bhp GT-R drift car video, which offers a soundtrack of an accelerating engine and screeching tires, was featured on the BBC TopGear website and is sure to whet your appetite for some heavy-duty drifting!

2016 Nissan GT-R - Nissan 1000bhp GT-R drift carPowered by the roaring R35 twin turbo V6, or more accurately the VR38DETT to powertrain enthusiasts, and fitted with a HKS GT1000 turbo kit – 1000bhp are able to reach the back tires thanks to the Holinger six-speed rear wheel sequential transmission. So what does that mean? A whole lotta’ smoke, and a whole lotta’ fun as D1GP and Formula D champion Daigo Saito perfects the apex along the track as he gets ready for the 2015 Formula D season.

The smoke-breathing “Godzilla” car, due in part to the two added exhaust pipes, is a lighter version of the standard GT-R offering with the elimination of the front-end driveshaft and implementation of carbon fiber bodywork along the interior and exterior.

Be sure to stay-tuned to Lewis Nissan for Formula D updates and come visit us to see our selection of Nissan GT-Rs as well as our fleet of cars, trucks, and SUVs, today.

Nissan LEAF Rides the Glow-in-the-Dark Highway

They’re always doing cool things in Europe.

If you didn’t know already, the Netherlands are home to what’s called the “Smart Highway,” a stretch of road made famous by its glowing lines—and Nissan has completed the circle by driving the first glowing car on it.

The glow-in-the-dark Smart Highway only runs for 600 meters (almost 2000 feet), but the idea is not only cool but also quite useful. Designer Daan Roosegaarde thought that using photo-luminescent strips that glow in the dark instead of street lights would be a more energy-efficient way to help guide drivers at night.

Nissan figured it might as well make the Smart Highway a location for extra efficiency by bringing along the all-electric, zero-emissions LEAF, pimped out in its own glow-in-the-dark finish. It’s got special sprayed-on coating that absorbs UV energy from the sun and then glows for 8 to 10 hours when it sets.

It’ll never be sold at Lewis Nissan, unfortunately, but you can always take a look at the regular LEAF and pimp it out yourself!

Nissan LEAF and Reverse Graffiti Founder Make a Positive Difference

When reverse graffiti founder Moose set out to make art by cleaning walls rather than spray painting them, he became one of many pioneers who understand the difference that one person and one project can make, a lesson Nissan understands well. Together, the Nissan LEAF and Moose were able to work together to make a positive difference, one vehicle and one wall at a time.

Nissan LEAF and reverse graffitiReverse graffiti is the art of creating a mural by cleaning a wall via a pressure washer. The pollution-stained wall has a design scrubbed into it through the strategic removal of the dirt and grime.

Nissan commissioned Moose to create a mural depicting London’s skyline on the Station’s Approach subway in Waterloo, London. The pressure washer he used was then powered by energy supplied by the LEAF.

“This piece of art is a striking call to action that air quality is one of the biggest issues facing the citizens and visitors of Europe’s largest cities today,” said Jean-Pierre Diernaz, electric vehicle director for Nissan Europe. “It is a reminder that electric vehicles don’t have an exhaust to emit the kind of air pollution which has stained the wall Moose has created his piece on. Working with Moose to highlight the effect air quality has on our cities through a piece of art powered by the Nissan LEAF is an exciting and powerful way of reminding people about the benefits of zero emission vehicles.”

Maybe by the time we at Lewis Nissan are able to travel to London and see the mural, the air will be just a bit cleaner and we’ll see just a few more Nissan LEAFs on the wrong side of the road.

Nissan Engineers Help Create The Lone Pine Statue for Rikuzentakata

On March 11, the city of Rikuzentakata in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan was rocked by a tsunami that ultimately took the lives of one-tenth of the population and has left a quarter of those who remain in temporary housing to this day. In the wake of the earthquake/tsunami, one of the most enduring images of hope was that of the ippon matsu, or the miracle pine. Ippon matsu stood alone at Takata Matsubara, once a nationally-designated Place of Scenic Beauty, where there had once been more than 70,000 trees. That single tree served as a reminder of perseverance until its death (a replacement now stands in its place), and that is why nine techs from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) teamed up to build a statue in its honor for the city of Rikuzentakata.

The kibou no ippon matsu, or “The Tree of Hope,” was awarded to the city of Rikuzentakata at a ceremony by JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda. “The Tree of Hope” was produced from conception to completion by nine engineers from Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Hino. Crafting the model was a painstaking process that involved 4,000 individual pieces for the tree’s bark, 1,000 individual pine needles, and 20 pine cones. Seven of the later were made using metal salvaged from abandoned vehicles scattered throughout the town.

In accepting “The Tree of Hope,” Mayor of Rikuzentakata Futoshi Toba told those in attendance, “It has been three years since the disaster, so everybody is starting to forget about it. In that sense, it is very meaningful to have received the pine tree this year. I am not willing to ask other industries for specific requests. I only ask that they don’t forget that the recovery is still ongoing.”

The Lone Pine may no longer be standing on its own, but it will forever stand as a symbol of optimism. We here at Lewis Nissan ask you: what do you consider among history’s most timeless images of hope?

New Nissan Engine Debuts inside Le Mans-Bound ZEOD RC

The Nissan ZEOD RC is revolutionary and innovative in so many ways, it’s hard to choose which aspect of the car to talk about first. But it’s really the engine that’s stealing all the attention—an unbelievably tiny engine, the Nissan DIG-T R, mated to a unique electric power plant for added efficiency. The ZEOD RC will use this special powertrain to record the first-ever electric power-only lap on the Circuit de la Sarthe this June at Le Mans.

The Nissan DIG-T R is sending shockwaves throughout the automobile world. A 1.5L three-cylinder turbo engine, weighing in at only 88 pounds and small enough for a single person to carry, the DIG-T R still stuffs more than 400 horsepower worth of power inside its relatively tiny skeleton.

The ZEOD RC is the perfect car on which to test out the new engine, too, since the new race car was designed specifically to be as efficient as possible. “Our aim is to set new standards in efficiency in regards to every aspect of the car: powertrain, aerodynamics and handling,” Darren Cox, director of Nissan’s Global Motorsport, said. “Friction is the enemy of horsepower, and tackling that has been one of the efficiency targets we have concentrated on heavily.”

The new engine fit exactly into that agenda, and according to Cox, represents the general direction Nissan’s engine technology is now headed. “We’re aiming to maintain our position as industry leaders in focusing on downsizing. Lessons learned from the development of the engine will be seen in Nissan road cars of the future.” Here at Lewis Nissan, we’re salivating about seeing the ZEOD RC on the track, yet we’re even more excited to see what Nissan has up their sleeve next.

Memorable 2013 Nissan Moments

2013 Nissan MomentsWith the year coming to a close, and because we represent a Nissan dealership, we figured this would be an appropriate time to write about the most memorable Nissan moments of 2013. There were quite a few significant achievements to pick from, but we’ve managed to boil it down to the three we believe deserved to be at the top. So here goes.

  1. The Nissan LEAF success story. Originally released in 2011, the Nissan LEAF has already sold more units in 2013 than in 2011 and 2012 combined, enjoying incredible leaps in popularity month after month. This was made possible by ramping up its production and accessibility by localizing production in Smyrna, Tennessee. Now, there are over 40,000 LEAFs traveling American roads and saving millions in would-be gas money.
  2. Taxi of Tomorrow becomes Taxi of Today. After years of preparation and legal roadblocks, the Nissan NV200 Taxi finally hit the streets of Manhattan at the JFK International Airport in October 2013. Throughout the coming months and years, the NV200 will be bringing an unprecedented amount of efficiency and cleanliness to the New York cityscape.
  3. New November sales record. After experiencing significant sales gains throughout the year, Nissan’s sales success culminated last month as it set a new all-time U.S. sales record with a 10.7% increase over last year’s sales.

All in all, Nissan is looking better than ever. Which is why we hope to see you at Lewis Nissan!