“With Dad” Super Bowl Ad Sneaks In Nissan’s LMP1 Race Car

The emotional “With Dad” Super Bowl ad was more than just about the relationship between a son and his dad—it also snuck in the first shots of Nissan’s LMP1 race car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Nissan GT-R NISMO - LMP1 Race CarThis is incredibly exciting for several reasons. First, Nissan hasn’t been in the LMP1 business since 1999—sure, it’s been competing in the GT bracket and making LMP2 engines, but LMP1 is the highest class in endurance racing.

Second, the GT-R LM NISMO, as it’s called, already looks competitive. Its 3.0-liter V6 engine outputs a whopping 550 horsepower before gaining an additional 700 from the Energy Recovery System. That adds up to 1,250 hp, potentially making it the most powerful LMP1 on the grid.

We can’t wait to see more of the GT-R LM NISMO at Lewis Nissan, so we’ll be sure to stay tuned to the Chicago Auto Show where it will make its next appearance. You should too!

Nissan GT Academy 4 Winner Dominates the Competition

GT Academy 4 WinnerImagine being 21 years old and getting the chance to make your dreams come true via a once-in-a-lifetime competition. This is exactly what happened to Wisconsin native, Nic Hamman. He rose above the competition and earned a spot in the fourth season of the North American GT Academy. Then, right from the start, he dominated the competition and earned a spot at the top of the podium.

Hamman, the GT Academy 4 winner, showed he had what it takes to be a professional Nissan racer with his physical abilities, excellent teamwork, ability to perform under pressure, and, of course, his speed on the track. In the final race of the competition, he finished a full eight seconds ahead of the pack.

“It takes a lot of money to do any kind of professional racing,” said Hamman, in a statement. “What GT Academy and Nissan have done is give someone a shot at racing top-notch racing cars with professional mechanics and pit support without the financial windfall that kind of thing requires. I am so grateful to be able to do this, and I can’t wait to get to my first professional race in January.”

You’ll be able to catch Hamman in his first professional race on January 8th – 10th in the Dubai 24 Hours.

Here at Lewis Nissan, we want to congratulate Nic Hamman on this phenomenal achievement, and we can’t wait to see how he performs as a professional racer.

Nissan Names Newest 2014 GT Academy Champion

Since 2008, Nissan has been making gamers’ dreams come true with its GT Academy competition. Gamers from all over the world compete to earn a spot in the rigorous competition, which turns virtual into reality—gamers into real life professional racers.

Now, Nissan has announced the newest 2014 GT Academy champion from Europe, Gaetan Paletou from France. Paletou spent eight days at Race Camp where he competed head-to-head with 41 other European competitors. The camp puts the racers through physical, mental, and on-track competition as competitors are gradually eliminated. Paletou was named the champion after he won a tough race driving the Nissan 370Z.

“It’s incredible,” said an extremely happy Gaëtan, after the announcement. “I was so happy that I won the race, but I didn’t know that I would win GT Academy. It is very special for me and my friends who have supported me. This has been a very good experience—a long, hard week and very tight competition so I am so happy to win. Now I have to keep pushing to the next step.”

Check out this short video to see his emotional reaction to winning.

Now, he will be put through four months of intense, advanced training in Nissan’s driver development program and will then join the NISMO team to race in the Dubai 24 Hour race in January 2015.

Join with us here at Lewis Nissan as we congratulate Paletou on this great accomplishment. We can’t wait to see what he can achieve in the racing world.