Taxi of Tomorrow Start Date in NYC Announced, Despite Controversy

Taxi of Tomorrow Start DateThe Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) of New York City has set April 20, 2015, as the start date for its upcoming Taxi of Tomorrow program, which replaces older, retiring taxi cars with wheelchair-accessible Nissan NV200 minivans.

What seems like an obvious decision wasn’t particularly easy to set in motion, however. Former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg had announced this decision previously, only to be sued by officials in the yellow taxi industry.

Current mayor Bill de Blasio has finally overcome these obstacles, setting New York’s public transportation on a safer, more inclusive path. That’s great news for Nissan, whose NV200 minivans are set to make up almost 80 percent of the city’s taxi fleet.

Many Nissan NV200s have already been in service on NYC streets, establishing a history of consistent product success. In addition to their wheelchair-accessibility, these minivans meet international standards that aim to soften the impact on a pedestrian, if one was to be struck.

Hopefully, as the Taxi of Tomorrow start date looms closer, similar programs will crop up all over the country. What do you think? Let us at Lewis Nissan know your thoughts in the comments.

Nissan Sets its Sights on London for New Taxi

You may have heard about Nissan’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ that it tried to implement in New York City. This was Nissan’s spacious and versatile NV200 van. While a few are in operation currently, it didn’t get the widespread use that Nissan and other New Yorkers were hoping for.

Now, Nissan is aiming for London’s black cabs with its latest NV200 van. London is finally saying good-bye to its infamous Hackney black cabs and Nissan hopes to be the “Taxi for London.” Nissan designers even incorporated the round headlights and grille design of the Hackney cabs to make it something Londoners will recognize.

The Nissan cab will be much more efficient than the outgoing model and will be equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine. Nissan says a production model will make it to the streets by the end of this year and an electric version should come shortly after that in 2015.

In addition to New York City and London, Nissan also has a taxi program in both Barcelona and Tokyo. Both of those cities use the NV200 as well.

We love the Nissan NV200 taxi. From all the information and pictures we seen, it looks spacious, high-tech, and just what big cities would need.