Nissan’s Self-Parking Chair Is Way Cooler Than It Sounds Even Though It Sounds Way Cool

Nissan was so impressed with its own innovation, their super-intuitive Intelligent Park Assist system, they began to wonder what else they could invent to park itself besides the good ol’ automobile. Thus, Nissan’s self-parking chair was born.

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid - Nissan's Self-Parking ChairNissan’s self-parking chair is more of an exciting innovation in the realm of office organization than in the realm of sitting. With one simple clap, every self-park-equipped chair in the room turns itself to face its desk or table of origin and tucks itself it. Say so-long to tripping over chair legs and shimmying through a sea of seats.

The technology was adapted directly from the European model of the X-Trail Hybrid. It combines a sensor in the chair and information gathered from four strategically-placed cameras in the room. The cameras generate a clear birds-eye map of the room, which is then transmitted to the chair, giving it the easiest path to its final park position.

Is this the technological revolution we’ve been waiting for? The biggest innovation to come to sitting since the lever-activated recliner? We think it just might be.

Nissan Wireless Charging Aims to Improve EVs

At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan unveiled the new IDS concept car, which included a number of innovative and futuristic technologies, such as a mobile app that syncs car owners with the vehicle and autonomous driving. Among these innovations was a Nissan wireless charging feature, which allows the IDS concept to charge without cables.

Nissan wireless chargingThe technology works by the use of a designated parking spot. Once the IDS is parked in the spot and aligned with the receptors, the vehicle begins charging wirelessly. This technology is still being developed by Nissan and carries the possibility of being implemented in future vehicles, eventually spreading to production models in the company’s EV lineup.

Nissan wireless charging is just one of many innovative systems being researched and developed by the company’s engineers. Another feature being worked on is the EV lanes feature, which will allow electric vehicles to charge in small increments while they are on the road. Nissan predicts that these features may be available as soon as a decade from now.

Nissan Uses 3D Printing for its NISMO Cars

3D printing is an amazing technology where you can print almost any shape you can imagine using a wide range of substances, from plastic to chocolate to metal. All types of industries have taken hold of this versatile technology, including the automotive industry.

Nissan uses 3D printing to create new prototype and production parts for its NISMO cars. It is working with an Australian company called evok3D, which actually set up an in-house 3D printing center in the Nissan Motorsports shop.

To get an inside look at how the parts are produced and used in the NISMO cars.

As you can see, the benefits of 3D printing are enormous, especially when tiny changes in a part can make a huge difference in a car’s performance. Being able to design and create a new part in a short timeframe is essential.

As 3D printing technology advances, just think of what it could do in the future.

Nissan Developing “Self Cleaning” Car

It’s Murphy’s Law: if you wash your car, it will rain. Forget the rain, Nissan might be on the verge of introducing a paint that will essentially keep your car clean – all the time. The custom super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint would repel mud, rain, dirt, and oil – all the culprits that keep our cars from staying spot-free.

The paint is called Ultra-Ever Dry, developed by UltraTech International. “By creating a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, it effectively stops standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the car’s surface,” the carmaker said in a statement.

2014 Nissan Versa NoteThe paint will be tested on the Nissan Versa Note in its England technical facility to determine if the material is durable enough for long-term use on vehicles, and if it will hold up in different weather conditions around the world.

Just the idea of fewer car washes (if any at all), is enough to perk our ears. We’ll be staying tuned for updates as testing begins this summer.

Nissan Gets “Smart” with New Rearview Mirror Technology on 2014 Rogue

2014 Nissan Rogue

Imagine you’re taking a cross-country road trip. You have three different friends who are seven feet tall and they are all in your backseat. They’ve all brought along suitcases that are even taller than them, and these are stacked floor to ceiling in your trunk. Oh, also it’s pouring rain and you’re stuck behind a semi spewing a constant flood onto your windshield. This may just sound like the premise of a really hacky slapstick comedy, but hang with me. You’d love to change lanes, of course, but how can you see well enough to make sure there’s no one back there? There’s no way!

No way, that is, until you get your hands on an all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue equipped with Smart Rearview Mirror technology. The new system features a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle, capturing a video feed that is then projected onto the rearview mirror to provide a clearer and more extensive view than the traditional mirror. Plus, since the mirror is on the outside, you’ve precluded the possibility of the aforementioned terrible slapstick comedy; no matter who or what is in your back seat or trunk, you can still see cause the camera is behind it all!

Smart Rearview Mirror will give our customers the best possible view no matter how tall the passengers in the back seat or how bad the road conditions,” said Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer and Executive Vice President of Nissan. “It also offers the possibility of new and exciting designs for our upcoming models, ensuring that appearance no longer has to be compromised for visibility and functionality. We’ll have the flexibility to create new shapes and to further improve aerodynamics for better driving dynamics and fuel efficiency.”

Of course, this new rearview mirror technology might be hard to get used to. No fear! Nissan allows you to easily toggle back and forth between the LCD monitor view and a traditional rearview mirror. One of the new Rogues, outfitted with the new rearview mirror technology, is currently sitting on display at the New York International Auto Show. The new rearview mirror will be slowly rolling out across global new car markets, so check back with us here at Lewis Nissan for more information about the new Rogue and its special rearview mirror very soon!

Nissan’s Autonomous Drive LEAF Takes the Prime Minister for a Spin

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is probably used to being driven wherever he needs to go. However, earlier this month, his chauffeur was notably absent. Actually, his chauffeur was the Nissan LEAF during its Autonomous Drive test drive on Tokyo’s public streets.

The prime minister agreed to participate in the electric vehicle’s debut as they drove around the National Diet Front Garden located between parliament and the Imperial Palace. During the test drive, the LEAF had to maneuver various turns, stop lights and traffic.

The prime minister’s test drive was organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The active role of Japan’s government in promoting autonomous car technologies enables Nissan to push toward its 2020 goal of producing a fully autonomous vehicle for the mass market.

Nissan believes reaching that goal will also fuel the ability to maintain its commitment to zero emissions and zero fatalities.

“I believe that a great step has been taken towards the realization of Autonomous Drive. Nissan will pursue a safer, more comfortable and environmentally-friendly mobility by further fortifying our cooperative relations with the many government agencies and people involved,” Nissan’s Vice Chairman, Toshiyuki Shiga, said.

We’ll keep you updated on Nissan’s latest autonomous drive developments here at Lewis Nissan. In the meantime, let us know if you would enjoy having the autonomous LEAF as your chauffeur.

2014 Nissan Rogue Has Advanced NissanConnect

The 2014 Nissan Rogue has numerous advanced technology systems that are designed to help differentiate the Rogue from its competition. The NissanConnect system stands out without standing out. The standard NissanConnect connected car services system combines hands-free technology, the owner’s or even passengers’ smartphones and an optional touch-screen display to help connect the Rogue to the outside world. It can load custom music libraries, social networks, or navigation, traffic weather or other information sites. This is part of Rogue’s affordable technology concept and NissanConnect comes with three years of complimentary service for the basic apps package.

Pierre Loing, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc., said “As demand for in-vehicle connectivity systems continues to grow, Nissan is taking the lead in providing affordable, use-friendly technology under the NissanConnect banner with critical core vehicles such as the 2014 Nissan Rogue, Altima, Sentra and Versa Note. We expect more than 1.5 million Nissan vehicles will be connected by 2015, with our cloud-based model allowing for periodic updates and the launch of new apps throughout ownership of the vehicles.”

Loing went on to add “Part of the NissanConnect system’s innovative design is the flexibility to introduce new apps throughout the ownership experience, including a range of projected upcoming music, social networking, entertainment and travel apps. It’s another example how the all-new Nissan Rogue delivers ‘Innovation that Excites’- empowering customers to personalize their driving experience. Users are able to “check in” on Facebook to share location with their social network – or navigate to where their friends have checked in. In navigation-equipped vehicles they can also use Google to find new restaurants or navigate any city like a local.”

Check out this video about NissanConnect in the 2014 Nissan Rogue!

Nissan Takes Home Top Award at CEATEC Japan 2013

Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technology won the Grand Prix in the CEATEC Innovation Awards, which is the top prize. It was awarded by a panel of independent US journalists who work in the fields of IT and consumer electronics.

The award honors the best among technologies, products and services that were exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2013. The journalists are considered a jury and they assess the exhibits at the CEATEC in a variety of categories. These categories consist of their potential impact on the U.S. market, meeting new consumer needs, innovation, functionality, and if the product, service or technology exhibited offers a unique solution to new needs. This is Nissan’s fist time winning the award and it is the first time for an automaker to receive this accolade.

The Autonomous Drive also won the Smart Mobility, from the Special Award category.

The Grand Prix award was given the following comment from the panel: “Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technology will greatly benefit future society by reducing traffic accidents and fatalities, preventing traffic congestion and contributing to a reduction in environmental issues through improved fuel economy.”

Not sure what all the hype’s about? Watch the video below to get to know Nissan’s Autonomous Drive!

2015 Nissan GT-R Rumors!

An inside source revealed that the 2015 Nissan GT-R will have more gears than normal. The Japanese sportscar will now feature a 7-Speed dual clutch transmission by the end of the year. The new 7-Speed will replace the current 6-Speed dual clutch unit. This change is supposed to be featured in the 2015 Nissan GT-R.

This increase in gears is appearing to be a trend. Land Rover introduced its ZF 9-Speed transmission in the Range Rover Evoque recently.  This was a big increase from the 6-speed transmission that it used to house. Chrysler also plans to introduce the first ever 9-speed automatic transmission to the US market in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee is set to debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

The GT-R currently has a 100km/h time of 2.8 seconds, and with this new transmission it will do the same in just 2.7 seconds.  Nissan is aiming for the fastest lap at the Nürburgring, they are poised for a 7 minute 15 seconds lap time. This would be 3 seconds faster than its current best.

Nissan Recognized by EPA with Energy Star sustained Excellence Award

Nissan has always been a leader in energy performance and remains there with three new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR accolades on the shelf. This includes the 2013 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award, which is the highest honor given to select organizations that are dedicated to protecting the environment through energy efficiency.

Bill Kruegar, Nissan’s senior vice president of manufacturing, purchasing, production, engineering, and supply chain management, said “Since becoming an ENERGY STAR partner in 2006, we have saved more than 800 billion British thermal units (BTUs) of the energy used to assemble vehicles. That’s enough energy to power the all-electric Nissan LEAF for more than 750 million miles”.

Nissan has always been environmentally friendly, especially since becoming an ENERGY STAR partner back in 2006. The Nissan LEAF is the number one selling EV in the world. I mean who wouldn’t want to help the environment and in what better way than in a stylish EV like the LEAF?