Nissan LEAF is Named’s Best Green Car of 2013!

The 2013 Nissan LEAF has been revamped and named’s Best Green Car of 2013. The experts at test drove every significant “green” vehicle that is currently on the market. They determined that the newly designed LEAF because of the value, range, refinement, and value that it offers the eco-conscious consumers.

“The 2013 Nissan LEAF marks a turning point in the electric vehicle movement with increased content at a reduced price that makes the vehicle competitive with traditional cars in its segment. We’re seeing buyers diversify beyond early adopters, and, as the global leader in electronic vehicles, Nissan is committed to providing affordable zero-emission options for the mass market,” said Nissan’s director of electric vehicle sales and marketing, Erik Gottfried.

The Nissan LEAF is now in its third model year and was redesigned to feature more customer-focused refinements and upgrades. Some of the improvements include a quicker available charge, improved range and more equipment levels.  At a 90% blended charge the LEAF has an EPA range of 75 miles and when it is fully charged it may get up to 83 miles of range.

The Nissan LEAF is available now at Lewis Nissan so come test drive one!

Nissan Makes a Power First Impression via Personalized Facebook Experience

A first impression can make all the difference. Nissan is introducing the “Impress with Sentra” program, which is an interactive Facebook experience where participants can create and share a personalized video featuring award-winning actor Omar Epps who give a wonderful introduction.

Facebook users can visit to have Epps talk them up in one of three different options that can be customized for a shareable video. The participants will also be able to enter to win one of three grand prizes. The grand prizes are a $1,000 Great American Days Experience gift card for an adventure-filled day for two, a one-night stay at an upscale hotel and dinner at an exclusive restaurant for a romantic night for two, or a $1,000 Nordstrom or Brooks Brothers gift card for a stylish new wardrobe.

Contest entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 1st, 2013.

Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America said “Who doesn’t want to turn heads and get noticed when making a first impression? We’re giving everyone a chance to look their best, with a little help from Nissan and the power of social media”.

Check out the intro video below!

March is Nissan’s Best-Ever U.S. Sales Month

Nissan North America, NNA, reported that March sales of 137,126 units which is 1 percent up from last year’s total making this March the best month in NNA history. Nissan Division also posted its highest volume month ever with 126,623 deliveries.

The Nissan Leaf was the all-star last month with sales totaling 2,236 deliveries which is a 286.2 percent increase since launch. Since the Leaf is now produced in Smyrna, Tennessee it is price-competitive with traditional cars in its segment. The Leaf remains the best-selling pure EV in the world.

The Nissan Pathfinder also had a great month of March. The all-new Pathfinder totaled 9,071 which is a 177.1 percent increase. This is a new record for the Pathfinder for March sales.  The Nissan Altima totaled 37,763 in March and the Versa sales finished at 15,917. Both are increases from the previous year. The Nissan Versa is the best-selling sub-compact car in the United States.

Consumers are looking for value, performance, style and innovation and the Nissan Altima, Pathfinder, and Versa are giving them just that. All of these factors combined have given Nissan its best month in history.

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid has Arrived!

Not shortly after the 2013 redesigned Pathfinder was launched, Nissan is unveiling its 2014 Pathfinder Hybrid. It packs all the same features of the standard crossover but offers slightly better fuel economy.

The new hybrid has a 2.5-liter supercharged engine that is paired with a lithium-ion and 15kW electric motor. It can produce 250 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque, which are ten less horsepower but three more pound-feet than the standard.  The hybrid has a combined 26 mile per gallon rating and a 25 mpg city and 27 mpg highway. These, of course, are still estimates.  On a full tank, the cruising range of the Pathfinder Hybrid is up to 526 miles, something to be excited about!

The interior of the Pathfinder Hybrid remains the same, not compromise on roominess or comfort. The cargo space and passenger space is the same as its sibling. Official pricing has not been set yet, but Nissan said it might be around $3,000 more than the standard Pathfinder. For a hybrid that doesn’t compromise on space or comfort, $3,000 more than its brother is nothing!