Free Nissan LEAF Chargers Available in Major Markets

Free Nissan LEAF ChargersNissan is offering a free charger to anyone who buys a Nissan LEAF in certain markets. The leaf is one of the best-selling electric vehicles and requires a charger to refuel its batteries. The charger, which Nissan is giving away for free in certain areas, is valued at $900.

Though many alternative-fuel vehicles struggle with sales, the LEAF’s sales rose an astounding 33.9 percent in November, a month that marked records for plenty of car companies and models, but few of the LEAF’s competitors.

Brendan Jones, director of Nissan electric sales, said, “providing a complimentary home charger along with free access to public charging is part of Nissan’s effort to educate drivers on the great value of the all-electric LEAF.”

Unfortunately, the free Nissan LEAF chargers promotion is not available in every market, but there are currently 14 major U.S. cities where buyers are eligible for it. The promotion is called “No Charge to Charge,” and hopefully, it will expand to more areas of the United States soon.

We at Lewis Nissan are impressed to hear that Nissan is giving away so many free Nissan LEAF chargers. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Next-Generation Nissan 370Z Could Be Called Simply “Z”

We like choices. It’s empowering! Okay, maybe we don’t need 30 different kinds of chewing gum from which to choose. But when it comes to engine options on what will inevitably be one of the finest sports cars on the road, it’s not excessive at all. Call it necessary.

Next-Generation Nissan 370ZCarAdvice is reporting on what Nissan will be putting under the hood of the model expected to succeed the Nissan 370Z. It’s a fine line, so goes the report. The sports car will be offered in both Europe and the States. V6 engines “are basically extinct” in the Old World, and yet what we in the States loved about the 370Z was power. What to do?!

In an interview with the publication, Roel de Vries, Nissan’s corporate vice president and global head of marketing and brand strategy, said, “I think an engine is never a need or must, because what you need is to deliver on what the car stands for and if the 370Z stands for real performance and real driving I think it doesn’t need a V6 to do that.”

Well, looks like the name may change then. 370Z was taken from the engine displacement spec, 3.7-liter. Vries also notes that displacement is not the name of the game anymore. It’s about pure performance, not numbers in this brave new fuel-efficient world.

Vries suggested simply “Z” as the name. We here at Lewis Nissan dig the whole brevity thing!

New 2015 JUKE Comes Customizable with Nissan JUKE Color Studio Program

JUKE Color Studio programRed, Yellow, Orange, Electric Blue, and Black Purple are five of eight colors from which you can choose to accent your new 2015 Nissan JUKE. The JUKE Color Studio program provides owners with a unique opportunity to customize their rides – no more trying to unlock the wrong vehicle in a crowded parking lot where your car is still two aisles away.

Through the Color Studio, you can select any number of 12 accessories created specifically for the 2015 JUKE to make the vehicle uniquely yours. Most of the parts will also fit the 2011-2014 model year vehicles as well.

Once you decide on the parts, you are then able to choose the color(s). You can decide from the colors we mentioned earlier. The neutrals White, Matte Black, or Carbon-fiber Look are also included in the list of available options.

We at Lewis Nissan will take it from there; your accessories can be installed right here at the dealership. It’s as simple as that. Hurry; the sooner you find where the car is parked, the sooner you can head over here to customize your one-of-a-kind Nissan JUKE.

2015 Nissan GT-R: A Speed Demon With a Modest Price

2015 Nissan GT-RThe 2015 Nissan GT-R has had its first drives and the reviews are pouring in, sparkling and incredibly positive. This model compares well in performance to a similar Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Drivers are raving over it’s hand-built, twin-turbo 3.8 liter V6; a monster drivetrain that produces 545 horsepower and 463 pound-feet of torque. The all-wheel drive system sends the torque to the rear of the vehicle before propelling 50% of it to the front, aiding in traction and acceleration.

According to Nick Jaynes of Digital Trends, “On a twisty, deserted road, the GT-R is one of the most enlivening vehicles I’ve ever encountered.” It bursts forward when you tap the gas and breaks on a dime. The steering is succinct and perfectly controlled. The car is a veritable monster that you can drive in everyday life.

The monster is loud, but who isn’t willing to sacrifice that for the power at half the cost you normally pay for that type of driving experience. The inside is equipped with all of the modern technology, as well as Recaro sport seats.

We at Lewis Nissan can’t wait to put you inside such a powerful driving machine, or any one of our other smooth rides.