Get the Ride of Your Life in the Nissan Altima

2015 Nissan Altima - Ride of Your LifeWhen you think about a four-door sedan, racetrack thrills usually don’t come to mind. However, for a lucky group of people that’s exactly what they got with the 2015 Nissan Altima. This was all part of Nissan’s second “Ride of Your Life” campaign.

Last year, in the Ride of Your Life campaign, participants were told they were going for a ride in a real racecar; however, this car turned out to be the 2014 Altima in disguise. For this year’s fun, lucky guests were invited to a mall and each got a turn to attempt to “unlock” a large glass box. For the lucky few that got the box to open, they found a bright red 2015 Altima. A professional driver then took them on some thrilling laps around the track. And then, the passengers were given the chance to be the drivers.

“Consumer response to last year’s campaign was so strong, we just had to play it again, even bigger and better,” said Jeremy Tucker, vice president, Marketing Communications and Media, Nissan North America, in a statement. “You can see the excitement on the participants’ faces when the Altima is revealed at the mall, and especially after their track ride-and-drive experience – reinforcing our belief that Altima is no ordinary mid-size sedan.”

Stop by Lewis Nissan today to experience the thrills of the 2015 Nissan Altima for yourself.

Sportier, Upgraded Nissan Maxima Launched in Nashville

Earlier this month in Nashville, Nissan launched a totally redesigned version of their popular Maxima sedan – a model that’s been upgraded on the inside and out for better performance as well as a more contemporary look.

Upgraded Nissan Maxima - 2016 Nissan MaximaNissan is boasting the “aggressive design” and “sportier handling” of the new Maxima, as well as its ability to produce 300 horsepower and its fuel efficiency, getting an average of 30 miles per gallon.

Sedan models are more popular than ever, especially with younger drivers who are more concerned with fuel efficiency and compact sizing than they are with overtly large SUVs, designed for off-roading.

Nissan is specifically trying to increase the sales of their large sedans, such as the Maxima, as the demand for midsize sedans, like the Altima, continues to grow.

This new Maxima will be available for purchase sometime soon this summer, with costs running from an affordable $32,410 and $39,860. What do you think of the upgraded Nissan Maxima? Let us know in the comments.

20,000 Feet Under The Sea: Nissan’s Around View Monitor

Snorkeling around the Cayman Islands is one thing but when you are trying to navigate your way around the seafloor 20,000 feet, it can be difficult to make your way around. For the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology exploring these kinds of depths is just another day at the office.

Under the Sea - Nissan's Around View MonitorUp until now, engineers at the agency would have to look at a number of different monitors to get an idea of how their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) were oriented. This presented some obvious limitations.

Now Nissan has stepped in to help. The next generation of ROVs will come equipped with Nissan’s Around View Monitor system (AVM). Using cameras and lasers, the system creates a bird’s eye view of the vehicle. This means engineers will only have to look at one monitor to know precisely what situation their rover is in.

This is an incredible application for a technology that, as Fox News reports, was “originally developed to make parking easier.”