Canadian Journalists Go On 7-Day “Altimate Rogue Trip”

If there’s something we love even more than cars here at Lewis Nissan, it’s bad puns. Last week, more than a dozen Canadian journalists drove some new 2015 Nissan Altimas and 2015 Nissan Rogue crossovers on a driving adventure that Nissan has called the “Altimate Rogue Trip.” We’re amused.

Altimate Rogue Trip - Nissan RogueThe road trip took place on the famous U.S. Route 66 over the course of seven days and 4,000 kilometers—about 2,485 miles for our Imperial unit-loving readers. They left from Chicago and reached Cuba (Missouri, not the island!) on day 1, Tulsa on day 2, then Amarillo, Santa Ana Pueblo, Albuquerque, Kingman, and after seven days, reached Santa Monica, their final destination. Or should we say they “Altimately” reached Santa Monica? Careful, any more bad puns and our editors might go Rogue on us!

For our entertainment, Nissan produced short clips reviewing each day’s interesting happenings. You can find all of the videos on Nissan Canada’s official YouTube channel!

Maintenance Helps You Win with Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes

Keep Summer Rolling Service SweepstakesAs the summer comes to an end, the last thing you want to do is your routine car maintenance. Nissan knows this, which is why the Japanese carmaker launched its 7th annual Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes, which runs from August 1 to September 30, 2014, offers Nissan owners the chance to win instant prices. They might even get a new 2015 Nissan Altima, Rogue or 370Z!

“Vehicle maintenance rarely tops the list of preferred activities for any owners. Our Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes brings new life and excitement to ownership and highlights the importance of regular service,” said Kent O’Hara, Vice President of Aftersales for Nissan North America, Inc. “Nissan is committed to customer and vehicle service excellence. With factory-trained technicians, advanced diagnostics, and genuine parts and service as their pillars, dealers pledge to provide an unparalleled customer experience to each and every owner.”

Through the sweepstakes, Nissan hopes to deliver a unique experience to their customers, making another tedious errand on your to-do list more fun. More than 1,000 dealerships across the U.S. are partaking in the Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes, allowing both Nissan owners and lessees to enter.

To put your name in the draw, visit the sweepstake’s website or stop in to Lewis Nissan to service your vehicle today!