Beat the Summer Heat

Woman's Car Blown From Summer Heat

With summer steadily approaching, the temperatures in your car can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the actual air temperature, so here are some ways to keep your car from baking in the summer heat.

Use Sunshades

Investing in some sun shades will help keep your car much cooler. They prevent the sun from coming through the windows and windshield, which can keep your car much cooler.

Find the Shade

Parking in the shade will keep the sun from heating up your interior. When there’s no shade around, try to park your car in the direction that would keep the most sun from heating up your steering wheel and driver’s seat.

Window Tinting

If you are willing to modify your car, window tinting is a way to permanently keep your car cooler. Just be wary of your state’s regulations on how much tint you can have.

Use Remote Start

If you have a remote start system (like many Nissans do!), start your car before you get into it. You can also start your A/C system with many remote start key fobs, so blast that a few minutes before you get into your car.

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Black Ice Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter When Driving

One of winter’s most hazardous road conditions is also the most difficult to see, making it particularly sinister: black ice, or the thin layer of ice that forms at the beginning of snowfall or freezing rain.

Black Ice Safety Tips - Lewis Nissan

Photo by: Simon A. Eugster

Here are some black ice safety tips to remember:

  • Remember that black ice forms before snow even begins to pile up, so as soon as you notice that it has begun to rain or snow, slow down.
  • Increase the distance between your vehicle and the other vehicles around you. You’ll be glad you did if someone slams on their brakes.
  • Never make a sharp turn or a sudden stop, which will likely cause you to lose control.
  • If you do find yourself sliding, steer towards the direction that you are sliding in, and don’t hit the brake. This is the best way to get control of your car.
  • Lastly, do some extra preparation before leaving the house and research the forecast. If it says freezing rain is on the way, you may want to skip your trip!

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Fall Driving Tips from Lewis Nissan!

With summer gone and autumn officially here, we want to make sure your Nissan is in its best shape for fall and make sure it stays that way! With some fall driving tips, you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us!

  1. Leaves on the Road Can Be Dangerous! – When leaves accumulate on the road and become wet, they become extremely slippery making driving conditions similar to when ice is on the road. If the temperature drops below freezing the wet leaves will freeze and turn into dangerous icy leaves! They can also cover the painted road markings making it difficult to know the locations of the lane.
    1. Slow down if you are driving on a road that is covered with leaves especially around turns and bends in the road.
    2. Leaves can fill potholes making it difficult to find them.
    3. A pile of leaves is very inviting to children, who often like to jump in them. Don’t drive through a leaf pile to avoid a child, or even an animal getting injured.
  2. Changing Weather Conditions – Here in West Virginia, we know that fall typically means a wet season. This can cause other weather conditions such as fog.
    1. When driving fog make sure that your headlights are set on low beams. This setting aims the beam of light down the roadway.
    2. Frost can often form on roadways when the temperatures drop. Drive slowly and carefully on overpasses and bridges since these areas frost over more quickly than other surfaces.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance is Important – Keeping your Nissan in its best shape will help for a smoother transition into autumn and from autumn into winter.
    1. Keep your headlights cleaned and working properly.
    2. If your windshield wipers are showing any signs of wear, make sure to replace them.
    3. Keep an emergency safety kit in your vehicle at all times.

We hope you found our fall driving tips helpful and useful! If you Nissan is needing tuned up and ready for autumn, visit us!

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving TipsHere in West Virginia, the winters can be pretty harsh. Knowing how to drive safely in the winter weather is an absolute necessity. Here are a few winter driving tips to keep you on the road.

  • Check your tires. Make sure your tires have adequate depth and you may want to consider switching to snow tires since our roads are regularly covered in snow.
  • Check your windshield wipers. Being able to see is paramount to driving safely. If your windshield wipers can’t clear the snow and ice off your windshield, you’ll be stopped in your tracks. Think about using wiper blades specifically designed for snow. Also apply a water-shedding material to the outside of your window to help keep it clear and switch to anti-icing washer fluid.
  • Use the air conditioner. Air conditioning is not just for cooling down your car. It also removes moisture from the air and helps keep your windshield clear. You can still set the temperature to “warm.”
  • Use you brakes. When roads are wet or snowy, brake earlier and keep more space between you and the car in front of you. If you hit a slick spot and start to skid, stomp on your brakes (as long as you have anti-lock brakes) and look and steer in the direction you want to go.

If you need any help getting your car ready for the winter, give our friendly service department here at Lewis Nissan a call and we’ll get you all set. Make sure you pass on these winter driving tips to your family and friends!

Summer Driving Tips!

After Memorial Day weekend, the family vacations start taking place and that means more drivers on the road. Here are some good tips to make sure you and your passengers are safe on all your adventures this summer!

Always have a designated driver for safe fun

According to the NHTSA, almost 11,000 people die in drunk-driving crashes every year. That is roughly one about every 50 minutes. If your plans for the day include drinking or being somewhere where alcohol is being served, make sure you and your friends have a designated driver – someone who will avoid alcohol to remain able to drive safely.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a designated driver for the evening. If that’s the case, you and your friends can always hire a taxi to travel safely from one stop to the next.

Navigate Severe Storms Safely

Driving in severe or inclement weather is not fun for anyone. Whether it is a storm that’s been on the radar for hours or a pesky pop-up, you’re bound to run into one on your summer drive. If you can’t stay where you are and you have to drive, make sure you stay tuned in to your radio so you are able to monitor its whereabouts and the progress of the storm. When it’s raining make sure you use your headlights, slow down, and keep extra distance between you and the car in front of you.

Remember to never drive when you’re tired and watch out for motorcycles, bicyclists and pedestrians on the road!

West Virginia’s Safety Laws

It’s always good to have a refresher on the safety laws, so here are a few reminders!

Seat Belts:

-All drivers must wear a seat belt in the front and passengers under the age of 18 in back must wear one. Violators can be fined up to $25.00.

Cell Phones and Texting:

-Any driver who is under the age of 18 that holds wither a learner’s permit or an intermediate license are banned from all cell phone usage while driving. All drivers, regardless of age, are not permitted to use a hand-held cell phone.

-Any driver who is under the age of 18 that holds either a learner’s permit or an intermediate license are banned from texting while driving.


-Every vehicle must have two headlights in the front, one on each side.

– Every motor vehicle must use headlights from sunset to sunrise, and when lighting is poor enough that you can’t see other drivers or vehicles that are within 500 feet.

-If your windshield wipers are in use, your headlights must be on.

There are some good safety reminders! Make sure you follow them so you don’t get a ticket!