Nissan Micromobility Vehicles Debut at New York Auto Show

At the 2016 New York Auto International Show in late March, Nissan debuted its new micromobility concepts, a group of four small cars called Nissan New Mobility Concepts, which it used in a series of events at the show.

Nissan micromobility vehiclesThe Nissan micromobility vehicles are part of Nissan’s theme for the year: emphasizing the importance of micro vehicles to the future of transportation, especially in urban environments. The NNMCs are all-electric vehicles ranging from the size of small motorcycles to two-seater cars and are very small and lightweight, easily maintaining a charge while being driven around cities. They have a max speed of 25 mph, perfect for inner-city driving.

The NNMCs aren’t necessarily meant to be owned; in 2014, Nissan teamed up with the West Coast-based company Scoot, which provides electric vehicles for temporary use at $2 per half hour, and Nissan donated some NNMCs for this. Nissan says the NNMCs are useful for “last mile” transportation, as in getting someone to their destination after using public transport to go a certain distance.

Nissan LEAF Twitter Page Slams Tesla in Hilarious Deleted Tweet

Here at Lewis Nissan, there’s nothing we love more than a good Twitter fight. Usually, it’s celebrities battering one another or professional athletes responding to the “haters,” but we were all treated to a rare example of an automaker taking a shot at their competition yesterday when the @NissanLEAF Twitter account posted a picture that took a shot at beleaguered EV manufacturer Tesla.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, featured a photo of the 2014 Nissan LEAF® with the following text: “The Nissan LEAF® is available in all 50 states, including New Jersey.”

Ouch. Somebody please get Elon Musk a steak out of the freezer in the break room. He’s gonna need to ice that burn with the quickness.

Auto Blog Green reached out to Rob Robinson, senior specialist of social communications for Nissan, who told them that the LEAF Twitter page is run by an ad agency and not members of the company, adding that the tweet “was not a tweet that was reviewed or approved by Nissan. We saw it and asked them to take them down.” Robinson said the reason for taking down the innocuous jab was because “we thought it was a discussion we didn’t need to be weighing in on.”

We say keep it up, folks. The Nissan LEAF is the leader of its segment, so why not take the opportunity to assert its dominance? We’d like to hear from you: if you were running the Nissan LEAF Twitter page, what would be the best diss you could come up with for Tesla?

Nissan Has Biggest Jump in January Sales

2013 Nissan JukeUnless you have a birthday or other special event to celebrate, January can be a pretty dull month. And, with the extreme winter weather across the country this year, January was pretty dismal for everybody.

Nissan, however, has cause to cheer. It was one of the few brands that actually had a jump in January sales numbers. Most brands saw their January sales numbers take a dive.

Compared to January 2013, Nissan had a gain of 11.8 percent in January. Leading those sales were the ever-popular, zero-emissions Nissan LEAF, which had nearly double the sales as last year. Both the Juke and the Rogue set January sales records with gains of 45.8 and 54.5 percent, respectively.

Two other models saw jumps in sales. One was the popular Altima with a 4.9 percent boost. The other was the small pickup, the Frontier, which had a dramatic increase of 87.9 percent.

Hopefully we have seen the last of the extreme winter weather and we can all enjoy a long, pleasant spring. Though, according to Punxsutawney Phil, we have six more long weeks of winter.

Breathe Deep. Smell That? It’s the Future.

Nissan is currently sending LEAF-shaped air fresheners to select electric vehicle enthusiasts as well as Nissan LEAF owners and Nissan employees in Europe as a token of their appreciation. The air fresheners are a very symbolic thank you to these individuals for helping bring the dream of a zero-emissions world to reality. The fresheners offer people a sniff of the future, literally, as they are perfumed with Nissan’s new “future scent.”

The “Scent of the Future” was commissioned to Dr. George Dodd, Master Perfumer and Aroma Academy Scientist, by Nissan in Europe. Dodd’s finished scent contains notes of “cut green grass, myrtle oil, natural orange” and even something called the “‘light as air’ molecule.” The scent seeks to awake nostalgia in those who smell it, nostalgia, oddly yet fittingly enough, for a future upon which we are still waiting to blossom.

The scent is Nissan’s latest way to show their extreme commitment to turning a zero-emissions planet from a distant daydream into a warm and authentic reality. The air fresheners give us a tiny tease of how wonderful such a world would be, and encourage us at Lewis Nissan to work harder than ever to do our part for that future.

Nissan Announces LEAF into CPO Program

It’s no surprise that the demand for electric cars is continuing to grow among consumers in the United States. Nissan has decided to add the all-electric LEAF to its Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles program. Starting this month, Certified Pre-Owned Nissan LEAF vehicles will be backed by Nissan to provide years of performance and quality at a great value. Nissan is extending the EV system and powertrain warranty coverage to seven years or 100,000 miles in addition to the battery warranty’s that are already in place.

2013 Nissan LEAFDirector of Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing for Nissan, Erik Gottfried, said “As more Nissan LEAF vehicles enter the used car market, we know it’s important for Nissan to provide the second owners the same confidence in the car that the original owner enjoyed. Adding LEAF to the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned program is a natural next step to strengthen the position of LEAF as the world’s No. 1 all-electric car for the mass market.”

Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have other benefits such as trip interruption coverage, car rental reimbursement, a no-cost three-month subscription to Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, CARFAX Vehicle History Report with 90-day CARFAX Buyback Guarantee and comprehensive quality assurance vehicle inspection. There are some requirements for a LEAF to qualify for the program, such as less than 60,000 miles. Nissan thinks adding the LEAF to the CPO program will allow more people to experience an EV for themselves.

March is Nissan’s Best-Ever U.S. Sales Month

Nissan North America, NNA, reported that March sales of 137,126 units which is 1 percent up from last year’s total making this March the best month in NNA history. Nissan Division also posted its highest volume month ever with 126,623 deliveries.

The Nissan Leaf was the all-star last month with sales totaling 2,236 deliveries which is a 286.2 percent increase since launch. Since the Leaf is now produced in Smyrna, Tennessee it is price-competitive with traditional cars in its segment. The Leaf remains the best-selling pure EV in the world.

The Nissan Pathfinder also had a great month of March. The all-new Pathfinder totaled 9,071 which is a 177.1 percent increase. This is a new record for the Pathfinder for March sales.  The Nissan Altima totaled 37,763 in March and the Versa sales finished at 15,917. Both are increases from the previous year. The Nissan Versa is the best-selling sub-compact car in the United States.

Consumers are looking for value, performance, style and innovation and the Nissan Altima, Pathfinder, and Versa are giving them just that. All of these factors combined have given Nissan its best month in history.

Paris Motor Show Spotlight: The Nissan Terra Concept


There has been a lot of talk and a lot of excitement over the Paris Motor Show that began yesterday. But one vehicle has taken the spotlight. The Nissan Terra Concept is the new zero emissions, off-road concept that runs on fuel cells. Similar to Nissan Xterra, the Nissan Terra is an SUV that built withstand the off-road experience.


The Terra Concept has a design style similar to that of the Nissan Juke, but has a taller more bold stance that lets you know that its ready for the dirt road. It is a fully electric engine running off fuel cells that power the four-wheel drive system that is mated to it. The engine system set is different though than any other EV we have seen so far. The Nissan Terra Concept is power by three separate engines, one engine to power the front wheels, a similar setup to that of the Nissan Leaf, and then to hydrogen engines to power the real wheels. Allowing you to conserve energy when the rear-wheel power is not needed on city roads.


Nissan chooses the hydrogen cells at a time when the fuel cells stacks are dropping in price, making this a real possibility as a production vehicle. The only real think holding Nissan back from a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle is the lack of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure like hydrogen fuel stations. Which is currently one of the issues with electric vehicles

Check out this video of the new Nissan Terra Concept. Who knows it may not be long before these hit the streets and gas prices no longer matter.