Fall Driving Tips from Lewis Nissan!

With summer gone and autumn officially here, we want to make sure your Nissan is in its best shape for fall and make sure it stays that way! With some fall driving tips, you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us!

  1. Leaves on the Road Can Be Dangerous! – When leaves accumulate on the road and become wet, they become extremely slippery making driving conditions similar to when ice is on the road. If the temperature drops below freezing the wet leaves will freeze and turn into dangerous icy leaves! They can also cover the painted road markings making it difficult to know the locations of the lane.
    1. Slow down if you are driving on a road that is covered with leaves especially around turns and bends in the road.
    2. Leaves can fill potholes making it difficult to find them.
    3. A pile of leaves is very inviting to children, who often like to jump in them. Don’t drive through a leaf pile to avoid a child, or even an animal getting injured.
  2. Changing Weather Conditions – Here in West Virginia, we know that fall typically means a wet season. This can cause other weather conditions such as fog.
    1. When driving fog make sure that your headlights are set on low beams. This setting aims the beam of light down the roadway.
    2. Frost can often form on roadways when the temperatures drop. Drive slowly and carefully on overpasses and bridges since these areas frost over more quickly than other surfaces.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance is Important – Keeping your Nissan in its best shape will help for a smoother transition into autumn and from autumn into winter.
    1. Keep your headlights cleaned and working properly.
    2. If your windshield wipers are showing any signs of wear, make sure to replace them.
    3. Keep an emergency safety kit in your vehicle at all times.

We hope you found our fall driving tips helpful and useful! If you Nissan is needing tuned up and ready for autumn, visit us!