Best Nissan Models for College Graduates

Has your son or daughter recently graduated from college? Or are you a college graduate yourself looking for the perfect vehicle? We have pored over the Nissan lineup and selected the three best Nissan models for college graduates…

Nissan Altima

2016 Nissan Altima - Best Nissan models for college graduates

For those who like a lot of style, the 2016 Nissan Altima is a great choice. But not only does it look good, the Altima delivers the kind of fuel economy you need as you’re just starting out in life. Highway fuel economy comes in at 39 mpg. Cool features like Advanced Drive-Assist Display and Bluetooth Hands-free only sweeten an already sweet deal.

Nissan Sentra

2016 Nissan Sentra - Best Nissan models for college graduates

The compact design of the 2016 Nissan Sentra could be very convenient for someone starting their life in the city. The Sentra is not only easy to maneuver but the city fuel economy is a very rewarding 30 mpg. Top-notch features like an 8-speaker Bose audio system and Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control are available to help you take your driving experience to the next level.

Nissan Rogue

2016 Nissan Rogue - Best Nissan models for college graduates

The 2016 Nissan Rogue might be appropriate for those graduates who might also be looking to start a family. That’s because there is plenty of room inside this compact SUV. With the Family Package, the Rogue features 126.5 cubic feet of interior space. The compact design still helps to deliver competitive fuel economy. And at an incredibly competitive price, the Rogue remains a fantastic choice for recent grads.

Nissan Wireless Charging Aims to Improve EVs

At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan unveiled the new IDS concept car, which included a number of innovative and futuristic technologies, such as a mobile app that syncs car owners with the vehicle and autonomous driving. Among these innovations was a Nissan wireless charging feature, which allows the IDS concept to charge without cables.

Nissan wireless chargingThe technology works by the use of a designated parking spot. Once the IDS is parked in the spot and aligned with the receptors, the vehicle begins charging wirelessly. This technology is still being developed by Nissan and carries the possibility of being implemented in future vehicles, eventually spreading to production models in the company’s EV lineup.

Nissan wireless charging is just one of many innovative systems being researched and developed by the company’s engineers. Another feature being worked on is the EV lanes feature, which will allow electric vehicles to charge in small increments while they are on the road. Nissan predicts that these features may be available as soon as a decade from now.

Nissan LEAF Rides the Glow-in-the-Dark Highway

They’re always doing cool things in Europe.

If you didn’t know already, the Netherlands are home to what’s called the “Smart Highway,” a stretch of road made famous by its glowing lines—and Nissan has completed the circle by driving the first glowing car on it.

The glow-in-the-dark Smart Highway only runs for 600 meters (almost 2000 feet), but the idea is not only cool but also quite useful. Designer Daan Roosegaarde thought that using photo-luminescent strips that glow in the dark instead of street lights would be a more energy-efficient way to help guide drivers at night.

Nissan figured it might as well make the Smart Highway a location for extra efficiency by bringing along the all-electric, zero-emissions LEAF, pimped out in its own glow-in-the-dark finish. It’s got special sprayed-on coating that absorbs UV energy from the sun and then glows for 8 to 10 hours when it sets.

It’ll never be sold at Lewis Nissan, unfortunately, but you can always take a look at the regular LEAF and pimp it out yourself!

“With Dad” Super Bowl Ad Sneaks In Nissan’s LMP1 Race Car

The emotional “With Dad” Super Bowl ad was more than just about the relationship between a son and his dad—it also snuck in the first shots of Nissan’s LMP1 race car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Nissan GT-R NISMO - LMP1 Race CarThis is incredibly exciting for several reasons. First, Nissan hasn’t been in the LMP1 business since 1999—sure, it’s been competing in the GT bracket and making LMP2 engines, but LMP1 is the highest class in endurance racing.

Second, the GT-R LM NISMO, as it’s called, already looks competitive. Its 3.0-liter V6 engine outputs a whopping 550 horsepower before gaining an additional 700 from the Energy Recovery System. That adds up to 1,250 hp, potentially making it the most powerful LMP1 on the grid.

We can’t wait to see more of the GT-R LM NISMO at Lewis Nissan, so we’ll be sure to stay tuned to the Chicago Auto Show where it will make its next appearance. You should too!

Next-Generation Nissan 370Z Could Be Called Simply “Z”

We like choices. It’s empowering! Okay, maybe we don’t need 30 different kinds of chewing gum from which to choose. But when it comes to engine options on what will inevitably be one of the finest sports cars on the road, it’s not excessive at all. Call it necessary.

Next-Generation Nissan 370ZCarAdvice is reporting on what Nissan will be putting under the hood of the model expected to succeed the Nissan 370Z. It’s a fine line, so goes the report. The sports car will be offered in both Europe and the States. V6 engines “are basically extinct” in the Old World, and yet what we in the States loved about the 370Z was power. What to do?!

In an interview with the publication, Roel de Vries, Nissan’s corporate vice president and global head of marketing and brand strategy, said, “I think an engine is never a need or must, because what you need is to deliver on what the car stands for and if the 370Z stands for real performance and real driving I think it doesn’t need a V6 to do that.”

Well, looks like the name may change then. 370Z was taken from the engine displacement spec, 3.7-liter. Vries also notes that displacement is not the name of the game anymore. It’s about pure performance, not numbers in this brave new fuel-efficient world.

Vries suggested simply “Z” as the name. We here at Lewis Nissan dig the whole brevity thing!

2015 Nissan GT-R: A Speed Demon With a Modest Price

2015 Nissan GT-RThe 2015 Nissan GT-R has had its first drives and the reviews are pouring in, sparkling and incredibly positive. This model compares well in performance to a similar Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Drivers are raving over it’s hand-built, twin-turbo 3.8 liter V6; a monster drivetrain that produces 545 horsepower and 463 pound-feet of torque. The all-wheel drive system sends the torque to the rear of the vehicle before propelling 50% of it to the front, aiding in traction and acceleration.

According to Nick Jaynes of Digital Trends, “On a twisty, deserted road, the GT-R is one of the most enlivening vehicles I’ve ever encountered.” It bursts forward when you tap the gas and breaks on a dime. The steering is succinct and perfectly controlled. The car is a veritable monster that you can drive in everyday life.

The monster is loud, but who isn’t willing to sacrifice that for the power at half the cost you normally pay for that type of driving experience. The inside is equipped with all of the modern technology, as well as Recaro sport seats.

We at Lewis Nissan can’t wait to put you inside such a powerful driving machine, or any one of our other smooth rides.

Nissan Legends: Inside the History of Nissan

The history of Nissan begins with its people, who have established a culture of influencing customers emotionally and moving people for more than 80 years. Nissan hopes that its employees will continue to be among these “Moving People,” whose efforts and innovations have helped shaped the automaker into what it is today.

Inside the History of Nissan - Lewis NissanIn the past 80 years, Nissan and its people have seen countless difficulties and huge successes. In an effort to honor some of Nissan’s most influential employees and leaders, the automaker is featuring past and present employees who embody the Nissan spirit in an upcoming editorial.

According to a recent Nissan news release, “Writers of Japan’s leading car magazine Car Graphic, which marked its 50th anniversary last year, will go beyond a mere biography and shed light on the roots of Nissan based on their extensive insight into the auto industry.”

In the news release, Nissan highlights ten “Nissan legends,” people who have made significant contributions, and tells each of their stories. For your convenience, we’ve also included them here. Go ahead, join us at Lewis Nissan and brush up on a little bit of fascinating history!

Nissan Legend 1
Yoshisuke Aikawa: A Modern Man with Insight

Nissan Legend 2
Yutaka Katayama: A Determined Visionary

Nissan Legend 3:
Hiroyoshi Kato: The Man Who Found His Calling

Nissan Legend 4
Shin’ichiro Sakurai: The Real Face of Mr. Skyline

Nissan Legend 5
Tadao Takahashi: Giving Life to the Factory

Nissan Legend 6
Kyoko Shimada: Hailed as a “Pioneer”

Nissan Legend 7
Sir Ian Gibson: An Englishman Who Served as a Bridge Between Japan and Europe

Nissan Legend 8
Hideaki Horie: Electric Vehicles Will Accelerate the Networking of Energy

Nissan Legend 9
Shozo Sato: Design Illustrates Culture

Nissan Legend 10
Yoshikazu Hanawa: Towards Today’s Global Nissan

Nissan Unveils “Trendsetting” Lannia Concept at Beijing

Nissan showed off the new Lannia Concept at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show last weekend, a car designed to create new trends and appeal to the Chinese “post-80s” generation.

It’s not easy to describe, so that’s already one checked box in the trendsetting section. It looks somewhat like a fastback from behind, except for the small rear deck and the overall sedan-like appearance. What we can say with certainty is that it is one eye-catching piece of design.

According to Andy Palmer, Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer, the Lannia Concept was “designed by Chinese, built by Chinese for the Chinese people, and ultimately, for the world.”

More specifically, it was designed with the “post-80s” trendsetters in mind, which we imagine means the fashionable portion of China’s population that was born after the 1980s.

There’s no details yet as to what to expect from the engine, transmission, or interior, but as Palmer stated, we do at least know that it’ll eventually make its way to the United States. We hope it won’t be too long before it finally arrives at Lewis Nissan!

Nissan Gets “Smart” with New Rearview Mirror Technology on 2014 Rogue

2014 Nissan Rogue

Imagine you’re taking a cross-country road trip. You have three different friends who are seven feet tall and they are all in your backseat. They’ve all brought along suitcases that are even taller than them, and these are stacked floor to ceiling in your trunk. Oh, also it’s pouring rain and you’re stuck behind a semi spewing a constant flood onto your windshield. This may just sound like the premise of a really hacky slapstick comedy, but hang with me. You’d love to change lanes, of course, but how can you see well enough to make sure there’s no one back there? There’s no way!

No way, that is, until you get your hands on an all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue equipped with Smart Rearview Mirror technology. The new system features a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle, capturing a video feed that is then projected onto the rearview mirror to provide a clearer and more extensive view than the traditional mirror. Plus, since the mirror is on the outside, you’ve precluded the possibility of the aforementioned terrible slapstick comedy; no matter who or what is in your back seat or trunk, you can still see cause the camera is behind it all!

Smart Rearview Mirror will give our customers the best possible view no matter how tall the passengers in the back seat or how bad the road conditions,” said Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer and Executive Vice President of Nissan. “It also offers the possibility of new and exciting designs for our upcoming models, ensuring that appearance no longer has to be compromised for visibility and functionality. We’ll have the flexibility to create new shapes and to further improve aerodynamics for better driving dynamics and fuel efficiency.”

Of course, this new rearview mirror technology might be hard to get used to. No fear! Nissan allows you to easily toggle back and forth between the LCD monitor view and a traditional rearview mirror. One of the new Rogues, outfitted with the new rearview mirror technology, is currently sitting on display at the New York International Auto Show. The new rearview mirror will be slowly rolling out across global new car markets, so check back with us here at Lewis Nissan for more information about the new Rogue and its special rearview mirror very soon!

Nissan Engineers Help Create The Lone Pine Statue for Rikuzentakata

On March 11, the city of Rikuzentakata in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan was rocked by a tsunami that ultimately took the lives of one-tenth of the population and has left a quarter of those who remain in temporary housing to this day. In the wake of the earthquake/tsunami, one of the most enduring images of hope was that of the ippon matsu, or the miracle pine. Ippon matsu stood alone at Takata Matsubara, once a nationally-designated Place of Scenic Beauty, where there had once been more than 70,000 trees. That single tree served as a reminder of perseverance until its death (a replacement now stands in its place), and that is why nine techs from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) teamed up to build a statue in its honor for the city of Rikuzentakata.

The kibou no ippon matsu, or “The Tree of Hope,” was awarded to the city of Rikuzentakata at a ceremony by JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda. “The Tree of Hope” was produced from conception to completion by nine engineers from Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Hino. Crafting the model was a painstaking process that involved 4,000 individual pieces for the tree’s bark, 1,000 individual pine needles, and 20 pine cones. Seven of the later were made using metal salvaged from abandoned vehicles scattered throughout the town.

In accepting “The Tree of Hope,” Mayor of Rikuzentakata Futoshi Toba told those in attendance, “It has been three years since the disaster, so everybody is starting to forget about it. In that sense, it is very meaningful to have received the pine tree this year. I am not willing to ask other industries for specific requests. I only ask that they don’t forget that the recovery is still ongoing.”

The Lone Pine may no longer be standing on its own, but it will forever stand as a symbol of optimism. We here at Lewis Nissan ask you: what do you consider among history’s most timeless images of hope?