Nissan Wireless Charging Aims to Improve EVs

At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan unveiled the new IDS concept car, which included a number of innovative and futuristic technologies, such as a mobile app that syncs car owners with the vehicle and autonomous driving. Among these innovations was a Nissan wireless charging feature, which allows the IDS concept to charge without cables.

Nissan wireless chargingThe technology works by the use of a designated parking spot. Once the IDS is parked in the spot and aligned with the receptors, the vehicle begins charging wirelessly. This technology is still being developed by Nissan and carries the possibility of being implemented in future vehicles, eventually spreading to production models in the company’s EV lineup.

Nissan wireless charging is just one of many innovative systems being researched and developed by the company’s engineers. Another feature being worked on is the EV lanes feature, which will allow electric vehicles to charge in small increments while they are on the road. Nissan predicts that these features may be available as soon as a decade from now.

Lewis Nissan Shows Off New Showroom at Business After Hours

Lewis Nissan hosted a Business After Hours event offered by the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce earlier this month to showcase our new showroom and added amenities the Nissan dealership now offers.

“We were a Chevy dealer for years, but now Nissan has stepped in and become our flagship franchise and we have just completed this new Nissan showroom, so we wanted to host a Business After Hours here to get people to come out and see our new showroom,” stated our very own Sarah Abrams, Public Relations Manager.

Amenities in the spacious facility include flat screen televisions in a waiting room, a children’s play area, a drive-through weather-free service write-up area and 45 service bays. The Nissan Dealership is pet friendly and offers free popcorn and coffee to guests throughout the day.

This month’s event boasted food and beverages from Pasquale’s, along with representatives from NAPA Auto Part; United States Marine Corps, who were hosting a pull-up competition; and Elevation Sports.

This is the second Business After Hours in the month of May, and according to Joe Guffy, information coordinator for BRCCC; a third will take place May 31 at Burning Rock, marking the first time in the history of BRCCC hosts three After Hours events in one month.