CEO Says Self-Driving Nissan Models Will Definitely be Available by 2020

self-driving NissanWhile most major automakers have some sort of plan in place to eventually get autonomous, self-driving vehicles on the road, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn isn’t worried that he will be beat.

In a new interview, Ghosn expressed his firm belief that not only will commercial autonomous vehicles his the road for the average driver by 2020, but most people can expect to slowly see autonomous features phased into their new cars.

His statement, “by 2020, we’ll have fully autonomous driving cars,” comes during a time when self-parking cars, self-braking cars, and cars equipped with 360-degree cameras are starting to be come the norm with each new year’s line-up.

In fact, the automaker recently debuted a self-driving Nissan LEAF prototype. While it’s not about to appear on dealership lots anytime soon, it shows you just how close Nissan is to this promised tech.

In the meantime, we’ll have to continue to drive the old-fashioned way. To check out some of Nissan’s many innovative current models, visit us anytime at Lewis Nissan.

Nissan LEAF Rides the Glow-in-the-Dark Highway

They’re always doing cool things in Europe.

If you didn’t know already, the Netherlands are home to what’s called the “Smart Highway,” a stretch of road made famous by its glowing lines—and Nissan has completed the circle by driving the first glowing car on it.

The glow-in-the-dark Smart Highway only runs for 600 meters (almost 2000 feet), but the idea is not only cool but also quite useful. Designer Daan Roosegaarde thought that using photo-luminescent strips that glow in the dark instead of street lights would be a more energy-efficient way to help guide drivers at night.

Nissan figured it might as well make the Smart Highway a location for extra efficiency by bringing along the all-electric, zero-emissions LEAF, pimped out in its own glow-in-the-dark finish. It’s got special sprayed-on coating that absorbs UV energy from the sun and then glows for 8 to 10 hours when it sets.

It’ll never be sold at Lewis Nissan, unfortunately, but you can always take a look at the regular LEAF and pimp it out yourself!

Nissan LEAF Sets New US Electric Car Sales Record

When the Nissan LEAF first went on sale in the American market, the plug-in hybrid car raised a few eyebrows. Now, the LEAF is considered the best-selling electric car in the world—and it isn’t finished quite yet. Nissan recently announced that the LEAF has officially set a new US electric car sales record in 2014.

US Electric Car Sales RecordAfter posting a total of 3,102 units sold in December, the LEAF sold a total 30,200 units in 2014. This record-breaking sales year means that the LEAF has sold a total of 72,322 units in the United States alone. The LEAF is one of three plug-in cars that make a lasting impression on American consumers, selling more than 1,000 units a month.

Nissan builds each of its LEAF hatchbacks at its assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. Make sure you stop in to Lewis Nissan today for more information on the record-breaking, eco-friendly car. You can even give it a test drive!

Free Nissan LEAF Chargers Available in Major Markets

Free Nissan LEAF ChargersNissan is offering a free charger to anyone who buys a Nissan LEAF in certain markets. The leaf is one of the best-selling electric vehicles and requires a charger to refuel its batteries. The charger, which Nissan is giving away for free in certain areas, is valued at $900.

Though many alternative-fuel vehicles struggle with sales, the LEAF’s sales rose an astounding 33.9 percent in November, a month that marked records for plenty of car companies and models, but few of the LEAF’s competitors.

Brendan Jones, director of Nissan electric sales, said, “providing a complimentary home charger along with free access to public charging is part of Nissan’s effort to educate drivers on the great value of the all-electric LEAF.”

Unfortunately, the free Nissan LEAF chargers promotion is not available in every market, but there are currently 14 major U.S. cities where buyers are eligible for it. The promotion is called “No Charge to Charge,” and hopefully, it will expand to more areas of the United States soon.

We at Lewis Nissan are impressed to hear that Nissan is giving away so many free Nissan LEAF chargers. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The LEAF Vehicle-to-Grid Project: Researching Ways to Save

In order to reduce the cost of ownership, the LA Air Force Base is hooking up 13 Nissan LEAFs to the grid. Nissan engineers are using this project to figure out what else drivers can do with the stored energy in their LEAFs. Here at Lewis Nissan we’re excited to see what they come up with.

Nissan LEAF - LEAF vehicle-to-grid projectAccording to Nissan, with more than 147,000 LEAFs on the road, they could generate around 3.6 million kWh if they all hooked up at the same time. Their aim is to see what alternatives the battery storage can provide.

“As the global leader in electric vehicle sales, Nissan is researching ways to integrate the all-electric LEAF into homes, buildings and power grids to unlock new value that could provide future benefits to customers, businesses and utility companies alike,” said Toby Perry, director of Marketing for Nissan LEAF.

One idea that’s sprouted from the LEAF vehicle-to-grid project is “LEAF to Home,” where the all-electric vehicle could act as both a backup generator and earn revenue for owners by getting rid of excess energy. Because the cost of energy fluctuates throughout the day, it could sell it when the price is high and buy it when it’s low. The LEAF is turning out to be a true money saver for owners.

Nissan Breaks its Own Record for Most Electric Car Sales in a Year

Nissan LEAF - Electric VehicleWe recently flipped our calendars from October to November, but even before Halloween had hit, Nissan had already flipped a page in the record book. Even with a couple months left in the year, the brand has already broken its own record for most electric car sales in a single year, a record set by the LEAF last year with 22,610 units sold. LEAF sales are up 36% this year, and that massive sales growth has already led the brand to set the record yet again.

“With nearly 20 electric cars or plug-in hybrid models on the road today, Nissan LEAF remains at the head of the class, outselling the nearest competitor by 50 percent through September,” said Brendan Jones, director, Nissan electric vehicle Sales and Infrastructure. “Since the initial launch in 2010, our primary goal is to bring electric vehicles to the mass market in a practical and fun-to-drive package, and we continue to deliver electric cars to more new buyers than anyone else.”

The Nissan LEAF has now sold over 142,000 units worldwide. All these sales numbers prove one thing: the Nissan LEAF is an EV for everyone, not just for a select few. It’s a practical, affordable, and extremely valuable vehicle—and oh, it just so happens to also help save the environment and save LEAF owners a lot of money. Come see us at Lewis Nissan to learn more toady.

Nissan LEAF Top Electric Car Pick for Good Housekeeping Magazine

When it comes to knowing what products are the best of the best, Good Housekeeping magazine is the go-to resource for many savvy consumers. In the magazine’s most recent edition of their “Tried & Tested” series, the Nissan LEAF SL was recognized as the Top Electric Car Pick, showing that the world’s best-selling electric vehicle has earned its sales success for a reason.Top Electric Car Pick - Nissan LEAF

“As more than 64,000 American LEAF owners will tell you, the economics of going electric are simple: Buy a Nissan LEAF and save money by conveniently charging at home instead of paying more at the gas pump,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president of Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations in the U.S. “But the real beauty of the Nissan LEAF is that it’s roomy and, best of all, fun to drive, which is why it received this honor from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.”

The magazine’s review recognized the LEAF for its impressive driving range, its great value that is enhanced even more so with available federal and state tax incentives, and its segment-exclusive Around View Monitor. These features, along with the LEAF’s performance on the track, suburban roads, and highways, helped the electric car shoot to number one on Good Housekeeping’s list.

While Lewis Nissan doesn’t have the LEAF in stock, we still have plenty of other fuel-efficient cars to offer you. Make sure you come in to our dealership today and give one of our models a test drive!

New LEAF Will Look Less like an Electric Vehicle

Nissan LEAF - Electric VehicleThe 2017 Nissan LEAF is scaling back on its electric vehicle appearance. The new vehicle will include a more stylish body that is less unique in order to make it more appealing to all drivers. In the quest to make the LEAF more like a “regular car,” the body will be redesigned to look more streamlined and less like a compact.

“We are aiming for a bigger number of customers, and they are not looking for as much ‘EVness,’” says Nissan. Some people want to buy an all-electric car, but they do not want all of the features that make the car an obvious EV. They would much rather have all the benefits available in a package that looks like current gasoline and hybrid models.

The interior of the LEAF will become roomier and made more comfortable to accommodate longer commutes. It will also receive a new electric battery that will have a longer driving range between charges. This will give drivers more independence as they enjoy the car’s efficiency.  The cabin will include more styling choices, luxury features, and top of the line technology.

If you don’t mind the current model’s “EVness,” come test drive your own LEAF today at Lewis Nissan!

Nissan LEAF and Reverse Graffiti Founder Make a Positive Difference

When reverse graffiti founder Moose set out to make art by cleaning walls rather than spray painting them, he became one of many pioneers who understand the difference that one person and one project can make, a lesson Nissan understands well. Together, the Nissan LEAF and Moose were able to work together to make a positive difference, one vehicle and one wall at a time.

Nissan LEAF and reverse graffitiReverse graffiti is the art of creating a mural by cleaning a wall via a pressure washer. The pollution-stained wall has a design scrubbed into it through the strategic removal of the dirt and grime.

Nissan commissioned Moose to create a mural depicting London’s skyline on the Station’s Approach subway in Waterloo, London. The pressure washer he used was then powered by energy supplied by the LEAF.

“This piece of art is a striking call to action that air quality is one of the biggest issues facing the citizens and visitors of Europe’s largest cities today,” said Jean-Pierre Diernaz, electric vehicle director for Nissan Europe. “It is a reminder that electric vehicles don’t have an exhaust to emit the kind of air pollution which has stained the wall Moose has created his piece on. Working with Moose to highlight the effect air quality has on our cities through a piece of art powered by the Nissan LEAF is an exciting and powerful way of reminding people about the benefits of zero emission vehicles.”

Maybe by the time we at Lewis Nissan are able to travel to London and see the mural, the air will be just a bit cleaner and we’ll see just a few more Nissan LEAFs on the wrong side of the road.

2014 Nissan LEAF Named One of the Best Car Deals

2014 Nissan LEAFThe 2014 Nissan LEAF is no doubt an exceptional electric car, and Kelley Blue Book has taken note of that fact. Torque News has reported that the tiny hatchback has recently been named by KBB as one of the ten best new car deals of September.

The LEAF is known for being both environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet, with a KBB “fair purchase price” of $26,246. (The fair purchase price is a calculation of what a consumer will actually pay for a car, after incentives and other discounts are factored in).

Nissan is also a company that never stops improving. The Motley Fool says that in order to increase the car’s selling power “Nissan improved its range to about 84 miles (not too bad for a pure EV), added new features, and addressed battery and charging problems.”

Want to see how the LEAF stacks up against your gas powered vehicle? Visit us at Lewis Nissan!